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Tutorial - Create a Cinematic Professional Golden Film Look
  • Hey guys!

    Since it's Friday I decided to make a color grading tutorial for you guys on how to create the cinematic golden look as you can find in the beautiful film A Very Long Engagement.

    I'm doing this all inside of Adobe Premiere Pro since that's the most common software you guys asks me to do a tutorial on.

    Hope you'll like it!

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  • Tack för en trevlig fredagstutorial :-)

    Curves is my number one tool for grading too. Maybe you should have mentioned complementary colors? Great to see you're not being too numerical about it and using scopes and such. Instead just relying on your eyes.

  • @oscillian Tack så mycket! :)

    Yeah well, the better calibration on your monitor the more you can trust your eyes. If my monitor wouldn't have been recently calibrated I would have used some scopes to make sure the luma/chroma looked correctly.

    Thanks again!

  • @davidhjlindberg Thanks! Good tip to learn.

  • @davidhjlindberg Thank you...very usefull. Could you make a tutorial how to make this movie look? (Painless 2012)

    painless 2012.jpg
    1023 x 682 - 382K