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Sony A7s, FHD camera, with 12Mp sensor, big DR
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  • I think that the GH4 sensor is the same sensor of the E-M1 - except by the phase-detection pixels.

    The E-M1 sensor is labeled on die as MN34230 - if you look the datasheet of it in the Panasonic's site:

    Full scan mode (No mixture, No decimation) Monitor (Live View) mode : 120fps HD movie mode 1080/60p (4pixel mixture) 720/60p (9pixel mixture) High speed mode 240fps / 481fps Full scan, Any size cropping 4k2k movie mode (30fps)

    Very similar to the GH4 specs. The very close results in the DxOMark tests is another hint.

  • This article has some pretty good info about the A7S...

    The part about how the sensor may be able to adapt it's capture capability based on scene contrast / brightness is particularly intriguing.

  • EOSHD:"Already I am hearing reports that the rolling shutter on the A7S is really quite bad."

  • EOSHD:"Already I am hearing reports that the rolling shutter on the A7S is really quite bad."

    I seriously doubt that physical size has that great of an effect on sensor readout when you have computer components working in sync at speeds in the multi gigahertz range.

    That the a7s has fewer photo sites than a number of other CMOS sensors used for video could help readout speed.

    Time will tell.

  • Reid....a guy who shoots static, concerns himself with rolling shutter...also history repeating itself "compared to GH4".....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sony demo turns Scotland night shore into daylight, with pretty accurate colors, although with understandable noise. Thanks Den.

  • Impressive

  • bad rolling shutter

  • great lowlight

  • terrible rolling shutter....unbelievable low light performance

  • Ugh, that jello is a big dealbreaker for me!

    Which camera could get me a similar dynamic range? GH4? BMPCC? A6000?

  • @philiplipetz

    Just amazing, thx

  • using zoom lens...full zoom...expecting no rolling shutter. riiight. Yes its not great but its not totally unexpected either. Id like to see wider end before dismissing.

  • Sure, it's probably better in wide to normal focals. Let's keep on looking :-)

  • Please Sony, if you want me switching from Panasonic. - Price less than 2000$ - Time lapse app available

    Low light performance is amazing… DR seems to be unbelievable too ...

  • Sony, low light performance so good you'll now be able to enjoy your jello rolling shutter in the dark.

  • with a f1.2 lens at 1/25 the A7s can reach EV -6 which is the light from a quarter moon.

    "...park besides the ocean on our moonlight drive..."

  • Wow, that rolling shutter is terrible. Looks like the Achilles Heel of the A7s. Price point will be critical for this cam.

  • Yeah that rolling shutter jello may be what sends me to the GH4. Need to see a little more though. Shame if Sony releases a camera in 2014 with the same amount of skew as 5D mkII from 5+ years ago. :(

  • It is a great stills camera, not fully optimized for video. But do not forget that with that low light and enhanced DR you can get shots that would otherwise require a lot of setup and lights. Put it on a three axis gimbal and then run-and-gun.

  • Really want to see some downloadable 24p 1080 and 120p 720 straight off of this cam. Something not by someone who's promoting the cam as well. Sony's not been great on the codec side. If the internal codec blows in some way or another then it's going to be even harder to justify if the only decent video you can get out of it is through an external recorder for an extra 2 grand.

  • What I find most impressive in the Scotland night demo is the fact that the fire stays orange and is not completely blown !! Very impressive!

  • The low light ability and rolling shutter are equally amazing. Well ... maybe the low light ability is more amazing.

  • Ralaja Shop in Sweden has body listed at 3000 USD :-(

    Then again, it's the same list price as their A7r...

  • So maybe it'll be sub 2000 USD anyway, seeing how much new A7r:s are listed for on ebay?