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    Capitalism: Why Chinese will try to steal your product
    • First, as you already paid yourself for most R&D expanses and came with ready to manufacture solution.

      Next, as each plastic form on special equipment modification is very expensive, usually more than $10000, complex plastic molding form can be easy $50000-100000. And if you are not big you won't use it's resource or it will have remaining resource with more imperfections. Plus it is much more simple for same people to make second same form :-). Same if fully true for PCBs and so on.

      Another thing - some of top management workers will try to share information and schemes with their partners at similar factories. As in return they get similar reward :-)

      Hence, if product is nice and you are not big and important client - you will get copies appearing in the internal market quite soon. And you can be sure that it will be offered as option to all small domestic brands who make rebranded products on Chinese factories.

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    Apple can start paying some developers, following Microsoft past practicies
    • From my private talk with my source in Apple I had been told that Apple is discussing staring special subsidies for authors of important iPhone apps.
      Such program can hit the Chinese authors first and later EU ones. US will be in the last batch. Another possibility will be secret private agreements about Apple rate cuts.

      Such strange behavior is necessary as despite each smartphone is becoming more expensive it is fewer new iPhones being sold this year and coming year is expected another 25% drop, and lot of people with good income who are long time users are not buying much applications anymore.

      Usually as market share crosses 10% (Apple can cross it in January already in many markets) you will see lot of developers abandoning applications and leaving only security updates and minor fixes. So, Apple management now hope to push good amount of money to stimulate most valuable authors and companies.

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    US: Trump sometimes does smart things
    • Federal regulators are lifting energy efficiency regulations for several common types of light bulbs. The original rules would have required energy-efficient versions, such as LEDs, of several common light bulbs including three-way incandescent, candle-shaped chandelier and recessed reflector bulbs.

      "There's a very good rationale when you hear it," President Donald Trump said in the Oval Office on Wednesday. "And what's saved is not worth it. For the little they save, and what people were going through, it's not worth it. And price was another thing."

      Energy Department spokeswoman Shaylyn Hynes said the law requires light bulb regulations "only when doing so would be economically justified"

      Finally some sanity in this department.

    6 comments 7 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 13Last reply - September 14 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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    WalkingPad A1 - Edit while walking
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    Trump's Wall will lead to innovation
    • image

      Get my word, it will be lot of quite small and cheap flying stuff that will follow the terrain and will deliver 3-10 people above the wall.

      Lot of innovation will happen in small and unmanned aviation.

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    Thomas Piketty - even best opportunists are idiots
    • The French edition of “Capital and Ideology,’’ weighing in at 1,232 pages, comes out on Thursday (English speakers will have to wait till next year for a translation). It’s a sequel to “Capital in the 21st Century,’’ which has sold more than 2.5 million copies in 40 languages since 2013, according to its publisher.

      “The time has come to exit this phase of making property sacred, to go beyond capitalism,’’ the economist told French magazine L’Obs.

      Piketty says his conclusion is that it’s a mistake to see inequality as rooted in nature, or driven by changes in technology. Its real causes are to be found in politics and ideology -- and that makes it easier to challenge.

      Wow. It is like making

      just to telling avoid obvious and real causes.

      Piketty argues that no shareholder should control more than 10% of voting rights at a company –- even if they hold a much bigger stake.

      Yep, and every day must be sunny and warm, let's pray.

      Piketty’s “inheritance for all’’ would grant all French citizens a lump sum of 120,000 euros ($132,000) when they reach the age of 25.

      Another return of "we will give you something, may be, if you behave good".

      He advocates a wealth tax to enshrine the idea that ownership of property above a certain value can only be “temporary’’

      He just never tried to really implement this (nice to read history of raging wars with communists on this, including few stories of total genocide).

      “The system I propose makes it possible to own several million euros, or even tens of millions, at least for a while. But those with several hundred million euros, or several billion, will have to share power.’’

      Whole point of communism is to make all means of production common and allow each talented guy to influence products being made. And all we hear here is blatant idiotic fantasies made to just make capitalists calmer and add lot of shit on the ears of wide public.

    2 comments 3 comments Vitaliy_KiselevSeptember 12Last reply - September 12 by Vitaliy_Kiselev Subscribe to this blog
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