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    Capitalism: How American Work and the American Dream Became Temporary
    • Hyman is the author of a new book called “Temp: How American Work, American Business, and the American Dream Became Temporary.” He told Recode’s Kara Swisher and Rani Molla that the number of people who have to rely on temporary, freelance or other “alternative work arrangements” has been growing since the 1970s, when the era of bloated corporations gave way to businesses that optimized for short-term profits and began treating workers as disposable.

      “The alternative to driving for Uber is not a good job in a factory with a union wage or working in a stable office job, it’s slinging coffee at a Starbucks where you may or may not get the hours you need,” he said. “That is what people are shoring up. They’re shoring up getting enough hours, trying to make ends meet. Oftentimes, people talk about the gig economy as ‘supplementary income’ ... It’s not supplemental if you need it to pay for your kids’ braces, or food, or rent.”

      Hyman argued that this phenomenon could be traced back to the legions of undocumented migrant laborers who built early computers, before those manufacturing jobs moved overseas.

      Check at

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    Capitalism: Memory manufacturers lost all bounds
    • Samsung Electronics Co. is planning to curtail growth in memory chip output next year to keep supplies tight amid an expected slowing in demand, according to people briefed on the matter.

      The move would help maintain or drive up semiconductor prices, the people said, asking not to be identified discussing the plan. Samsung now expects bit growth of less than 20 percent for dynamic random-access memory and a rise of 30 percent for Nand flash, the people said. Samsung said earlier this year it expected increases of 20 percent for DRAM and 40 percent for Nand in 2018.

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    Apple will assign you score that will reflect proper behaviour since iOS 12
    • Alongside yesterday’s releases of iOS 12, tvOS 12, and watchOS 5, Apple quietly updated some of its iTunes Store terms and privacy disclosures, including one standout provision: It’s now using an abstracted summary of your phone calls or emails as an anti-fraud measure.

      Note that it is bleak start, as collected information will be slowly rising even this year.

      Main goal of TS (Trust Score) is to prevent any activity in iOS store if Apple won't like your actions, in 2019 this could spread also to blocking phone calls and other functions if score will drop too low.

      Main candidate on 2019 score addition will be browser visited URLs history, so for visiting "fake news" sites or illegal video or software download sites you could be punished.

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    PV Lab: Full rework station with iron and fan below $40
    • image

      Really good as starter point.

      • Nice metal stand for iron, metal stand for fan also included
      • Really powerful iron here (important for Hakko 9xx if you want to desolder massive parts)
      • Tips can be found local and on aliexpress for really cheap as it is most popular standard of irons made now
      • Standby mode and precise calibration for both iron and fan
      • Nice, heat resistant and very soft silicon iron cable
      • Fan cable little more stiff, but it is due to much thicker wiring necessary, still better than competition still
      • Set of useful fan nozzles included (can buy extra for special tasks, as it uses standard size ones_
      • Takes really little space

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    Microsoft and Google push AMP as way to sneak into all traffic and insert their ads
    • If you're in the US and use Bing as your search engine on mobile, you might start coming across AMP's lightning bolt in the results page. Search engine has started implementing Google's open-source technology for its search results within a browser.

      AMP as the solution Google conjured up to make web pages load faster on mobile, and it works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera and UC Browser.

      Idea of AMP is to insert Google into each of your browsing session, including all encrypted ones. Attack on URL system is part of AMP implementation.
      Second part of AMP is idea to cut all advertisements from site owners and insert directly their own, all in the interest of people, of course. It'll be next big battle that will start this year. It is expected that all sites who won't agreed to Google AMP approach will be significantly lowered in search results in 2019 already and can be thrown out altogether in 2020. Normal HTTP sites must also expect full exclusion from search results and being unable in Chrome browser in late 2019 or early 2020.

      To be short - in coming year we will see unprecedented attack of monopolies on all small players and individual pages. As it is the only way they can grow further - by limiting your access to 70-80% of internet pages.

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    Capitalism: Scammers love personal data leaks
    • The 2017 Equifax breach caused various issues such as monetary, time, emotional distress and physical impacts. Of those 21 percent of Equifax breach victims who have seen unusual activity, the most common unusual activity respondents noted so far relates to credit cards – 23.53 percent had a new credit card account opened in their name and 33.99 percent experienced changes to an existing card. Another 22.87 percent of respondents had other accounts opened including loans; checking or savings accounts; debit cards, or cable, internet or utilities accounts.

      Changes made to checking, savings and debit card issues can be harder to recover from and take more time to clean up because there aren’t as many protections in place a Some other items that people also reported include that their email was flagged as being on the dark web and getting alerts of people trying to open new accounts even after freezing their credit files.

      Another ongoing issue includes tax identity theft and fraud, where thieves use a Social Security number to file a fraudulent tax return and collect a refund, with 3.53 percent of respondents having either state or federal taxes filed fraudulently in their name. Also, 9.59 percent of Equifax breach victims had some sort of medical identity issue including receiving a medical bill or collection notice for services they never received, learning that medical records were compromised or discovering another person’s information on their medical records.

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    Amazon invented $79 device to put your house on fire
    • image

      Microwave that can be driven by Alexa via cloud.

      People frequently leave something in microwave, so next massive cloud hack forcing Alexa to turn on microwave at max for indefinite time can put good numbers of homes on fire.

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