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AN "Valkyrie", GOLGOP3-13, GOP3ZILLA, natural, Freeze-less Reliable All-round GOP3 Settings :-)
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  • @ GOLGOP3-13 lovers :-)

    "GOLGOP3-13-A2_BETA2" and "GOLGOP3-13-MAX2_BETA2"

    I release the new "GOLGOP3-13-A2" and "GOLGOP3-13-MAX2" settings.

    All of these matrices are the same as V1s. The main changed parts are having realized Freeze-les and high-bitrate in HBR and 720p. Regarding 60p, it returned to 9GOP from 6GOP. It is because 9GOP can realize high image quality by using bigger frame size.

    These are most stable until now and are high image quality GOLGOP3-13s, IMHO.

    Please try them! And many thanks for your feedbacks!

    *If these are also still unstable, I will further adjust.

    Special thanks to @har_k, @Mrhechang and @syoushow! :-)

    *Of course, already combined with excellent audio tune @thepalalias's "Pasadena_Pulse_Audio_V2_Beta2"


    *Although bit rate setups are quite high, the bit rate which actually appears are lower than these. Since the actual bit rate changes by the object to shoot, please confirm by yourself.(Max bitrate : about 110M in 24p, about 75M in HBR.)

    *'MAX' versin and 'A' version are completely the same except 24p.

    *The original matrix is adopted in the newest GOLGOP3-13s. It is the middle of a Sedna matrix and a stock character. If it says plainly, it will be the Sedna matrix optimized in 3GOP structure.

    *24H and 24L are high quality 3GOP setting with mega size I-frames in GOLGOP3-13-A.

    *24H and 24L are high quality 3GOP setting with super mega size I-frames in GOLGOP3-13-MAX.

    *24p80%(30p) is available in 24H & 24L both.

    *60i, 50i, HBR30p and HBR25p are also high quality and stable 3GOP settings.

    *720/50p is 6GOP and 720/60p is 9GOP. It has tuned up so that the bit rate at the time of motion may go up rather than the time of statics.

    *I especially recommend you use with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC card.

    *In camera playback is available in all rec mode except 24p in GOLGOP3-13-MAX, at least available after reboot the camera.(Not tested full yet, but probably)

    *EX Tele, iA mode work.(Not tested full yet, but probably)

    *Spanning in 24H, 24L with SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB SDXC Card. In other rec mode, need test.

    *Spanning in other cards needs to be tested.


    The 1st zip is wrong. Please download 2nd and 3rd!

    1st: Wrong zip

    2nd: GOLGOP3-13-MAX2_BETA2

    3rd: GOLGOP3-13-A2_BETA2_Revised edition

    bkmcwd GOLGOP3-13-A2_BETA2_Revised
  • @bkmcwd Thank you for your latest GOLGOP3-13-A2 settings. A few days ago you recommended me to test the older version:

    BTW, please also try previous GOLGOP3-13s by all means. I think that this one may realize higher image quality from the latest version. It is under verification now.

    I'm now curious how you assess the quality of the new settings compared to the older ones. Stability should be the same, right? My prefered format is 1080i50 FSH and 720p50 SH, I'm mostly use Panasonic lenses, so ultra sharp matrixes are possibly not needed for my documentary-style. Is your latest GOP3 optimized Sedna matrix recommended for Panasonic lenses? What's your opinion?

  • @spreeni Thanks for good questions! :-)

    I'm now curious how you assess the quality of the new settings compared to the older ones. Stability should be the same, right?

    Regarding the newest BETA2, I consider that image quality has been improved from the previous GOLGOP3-13 settings. Of course, stability has not changed.

    However, honestly, the verification in PAL may be insufficient. Although my BETA Test Team has finished the test severe about reliability in NTSC, in PAL, it is verifying by only me. In PAL, there may still be room for an improvement. Therefore, I welcome the feedback in PAL from you.

    Is your latest GOP3 optimized Sedna matrix recommended for Panasonic lenses?

    Panny lenses are very sharp and also use many resources of a camera as known well. Therefore, a risk of a camera being frozen is high in using hacked GH2. I have designed the settings on the assumption that use with Panny lenses which are the severest conditions.

    Supposing you think that GOLGOP3-13s are also too sharp, you use Valkyries. Of course, these are also designed on the assumption that use with Panny lense.

  • Sorry!

    Since I had uploaded wrong zip, I re-uploaded the corrected version.

  • Although I am busy now, I plan to release "Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 C1.5e" earliest possible. And the high version of Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TYPE-ZERO2 is also released as soon as possible. :-)

  • @bkmcwd Which one of your settings are the sharpest with the best skin tones and has the most bitrate? I'm using manual nikon lenses so the sharpest matrix is best for me. Let me know, thanks!

  • @Monsterbox Only in 24p, Valkyrie uses high-bit rate most. However, in other modes, each setting may be the about the same.

    Although I think that GOP3ZILLA3 is the sharpest, GOLGOP3-13-MAX2 may be recommended if a skin tone is also more important.

    Since I have not tried the lens which you use, honesty, I am not sure whether it is the best. Please try GOLGOP3-13-MAX2, Valkyrie 444 TYPE-ZERO2 and Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TYPE-ZERO2.

    EDIT: With my subjectivity, I think that GOLGOP3-13-MAX2 is suitable.

    Thanks for feedbacks from you! :-)

  • Hey,

    im new into hacking my gh2. I spent the last two hours reading about hacks, watching videos and ended up here, installing the GOLGOP3-13-MAX2_BETA2

    My goal is to shoot people and classical movie scenes without any specials. Just beautiful, straight images. Im using the gh2 + voightländer 0.95. Also looking into anamorphic filming adding the sankor 16c.

    Did i made the right choice using the GOLGOP3-13-MAX2_BETA2 or would you suggest another hack?

    And one very basic question, where in the menu of the camera can i switch between PAL and NTFS...

    Thanks for any feedback.

  • @eminogrande Thanks for using my setting! :-)

    IMHO, your choice is not wrong. However, I think that it is also worthy of trying Valkyries.
    Regarding switching between PAL and NTFS, please refer to here.

  • @bkmcwd thank you!

    Why do you suggest to also try Valkyries - would you suggest i just do test-shots with every different hack out there? I like to shoot in low light conditions (or inside buildings) and im also looking for a audio improvement. I need the camera to be an "allrounder", the best i can get, not perfekt at some details.

    I know all these hacks have their specialty - but which one do you think combines the best, solid quality?

    • normal filming (people/actor)
    • indoors / low light
    • minimum / slow / medium camera movements


    • outdoor normal filming (again people)
    • movement (walking around filming the actor / moving cars, bus, trains)

    Oh, and I just found "VIDEO OUT - PAL", i guess thats the right one ;) thanks though for the link!

  • @bkmcwd

    I used "bkmcwd GOLGOP3-13-MAX2_BETA2" HBR(30p) mode.

    Thanks for amazing quality settings and your hard work!!

    *FILM MODE is NOS.(-2,0,+1,-2) and the lens is LUMIX X PZ45-175mm

    *SANDISK Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I (95MB/s) 64GB

  • So I was able to shoot at max bitrate on my cheapy transend class 6 card - sure there is a catch?! I have the latest patch -- Comment='Quantum' GH3 Matrix TRIAL 2
    Low cost Intra 24p/25p/30p using the new GH3 matrix.
    720p 3 GOP for 50p and 6 GOP for 60p.
    Needs testing.

    I wish there was an easy way to see what the latest patch is - a table or online DB :)

  • @eminogrande OK, I have understood your intention. If I say honestly, I still cannot judge which is a best setting for you. It is because your choice is finally based on YOUR liking. All newest Valkyries, GOLGOP3-13s, and GOP3ZILLA3 are all-round settings. Please choose your favorite setting. They are the same record level in reliability.

    As my personal opinion, I choose GOP3ZILLA3 or latest GOLGOP3-13s in your situation. It is because I will feel if the selection holds the best balance FOR ME. :-)

  • @har_k Many thanks for your cooperation, mate! :-) And I also appreciate the feedbacks from you. It seems that the characteristic of the newest GOLGOP3-13s are quite good.

  • @AfricaGH2 Hi,

    Don't you possibly misunderstand the thread? About the setting, you should make subject in the thread of Nick @driftwood. :-)

  • Ok sorry I pasted the wrong info, I do indeed have -- Comment=bkmcwd "GOLGOP3-13-A2_BETA2" 24H&24L=3GOP, FSH,FH&HBR=3GOP, SH&H=9GOP&6GOP + "Pasadena_Pulse_Audio_V2_Beta2"

    I get so bloody confused with all of these patches!

  • @AfricaGH2

    I get so bloody confused with all of these patches!

    To be sure, it may be unclear. Since the history of the release is shown in this link place at least about my settings, please refer to them.

    And please question me about the point which you do not understand. :-)

  • Ok again I am having no luck with patches --- see this video. I have the - Comment=bkmcwd Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TYPE-ZERO2_BETA 'Apocalypse Now' with cbrandin 'Pure Original Cinema Smooth Matrix' and 'Modified Cinema Smooth Matrix'

    This was a zoomed shot with auto focus but it did it on a wide shot with a pan too. Panning is the problem perhaps? I am using the st 14-140 panny lens with the 64gb - 95mbps card -- I just want a patch that works ......:(

  • @AfricaGH2 Thanks for the report! :-)

    Is this in such a state in the raw MTS file? Would you send the raw MTS file to me? In the same report from other users, there was no problem in the raw file, and when encoded in PC, the error had come out. Thanks!

  • Ok I changed to the latest version of your GOP3ZILLA_3_Candidate4 and this is what I shot today on my way to and from the coffee shop - nice patch! Love the flag shot! (view on youtube site as viewing the video below will show all kinds of aliasing due to extreme high resolution of footage and weird size of youtube video window)

  • @bkmcwd I did some tests with the new GOLGOP3-13-A2. Because of bad weather I couldn't do testshootings outside, so I created a reproducable test situation. I put my GH2 in front of a HD monitor with testclips running as continuous loop on it. I wanted to stress the camera so I turned on many automatic features. It was not my intension to create a real life situation, I just wanted to check, if GOLGOP3-13 runs in those situation without freezings. If it would do so, I could be sure that the patch is working rock solid stable in my commercial work.

    This was a problem for me with Flowmotion 2.02 before: I have had an error message (card not fast enough, or something like that) when I use 1080i50 FSH with auto-fokus ON, even with 95MB/s cards. That made me loose the trust in FM a bit.

    OK, here's the test situation: Panasonic lens 12-35mm/f2.8 - Stabilizer ON, Sandisk 95MB/s card, 1080i50 FSH (PAL), auto-exposure ON, auto-focus ON, iDynamic ON, EX-Tele ON, ISO 5000

    First, Flowmotion freezes after 1.5 hours. Latest GOLGOP3-13-A2 freezes after 1.5 - 2 hours, too (checked this several times) Former GOLGOP3-13-A runs without freezes (checked several times, too)

    I don't know why there is a difference between the old and the new GOLGOP3-13. Maybe they use different framerates. @LPOWEL recommend to use the lower bitrate modes (in Flomotion for example 1080i50 FH) when using much automatic functions, so the bitrate may be the key.

    However I do not know, where the exact differences are between older and newer GOLGOP, but as long as I cannot see differences in picture quality between the old GOLGOP3-13-A and Flowmotion 2.02, I will use "good old" GOLGOP because I now trust it very much.

  • @AfricaGH2 Thanks for testing! It is good if satisfactory with GOP3ZILLA. :-)

  • @spreeni Thanks for your report and feedbacks! :-)

    In the newest GOLGOP3-13s, I thought that the test in PAL might be insufficient, as stated above. Therefore, the feedback from you are very worthy.

    "good old" GOLGOP

    Which version is it concretely?

    I also further plan to stabilize the newest GOLGOP3-13s. I am glad, since I also further plan to stabilize the newest GOLGOP3-13s, and if you test it. Thanks!

  • Which version is it concretely?

    The "good old" one is GOLGOP3-13-A from

  • @spreeni Thanks for info! I am going to try so that the latest version may also be stabilized in the same grade as "good old" in PAL. :-)

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