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Chinese offer tablets with Retina screen
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  • Will look at Android OS tablets at store to find one with good/accurate image quality, then apply this solution. Thanks

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    "In detail - you need this only for applications requiring low level USB protocols, not for basic devices (3G modems, drives, etc)."

    Vitaliy is correct. For simple usage and to enable infinite possibility and compatibility with any Apps, you just have to root it and some work on it. But as to use the USB port as a host for interface apps like DSLRController(BETA), you have to do a next step in hacking and replacing some of the files to enable the USB to be used with the OTG for what you want @m_c

    On the resolution, I think Vitaliy did posted on this forum regarding the Nexus 10. I recommend that model for the purpose with the DSLRController(BETA).