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Voigtlander Nokton 50 (1.5), Nokton 58 or Leica Summicron R 50 on the GH2 - your "Personal View"
  • Don't kill me because these lenses were partly discussed in earlier topics. I don't want to discuss the sharpness or optical details of these lenses. What interests me is their character... I am a bit tired of the sterile Panasonic look, even if I love my 20mm Pancake or the 14mm. But I want to change my whole line-up to a more personal aesthetic, including the wideangle, normal and tele range. I would like to try them all out and see which one I like, but this is impossible for me. This is why I am asking you your "Personal View" about them (lenses mentioned in the title are more or less in the same price category). May be some video samples?

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  • I've only used the beautiful Leica-R 50, and it's fantastic, even if it show some breathing (most still lenses do). I'd have a look at Steve Huff's site – he's a Leica fan too, but he's giving very detailed reviews of Voigtländers.

    But if you want to spend less, the Minolta Rokkor 58mm 1:1.2 is a great lens as well. It's getting more and more attention, so prices are climbing now.

  • thanks @nomad do you have some video samples with the Leica R-50 to upload?

  • I would like buy a 50 1.1 nokton. But honestly do not see the need, because there is a less expensive alternative - nikkor 50 1.2. Example -

    I dont think that is nokton better. Even decided to collect a set of Ai-s lenses, 105 1.8 , 85 1.4 , 50 1.2.

  • Sorry, no. It was rented and a project for a client.

  • I can post a 58 1.2 Rokkor example with any of the hacks if it would help

  • I absolutely love the voigtlanders. I have a set of the 17.5, 25, 40 f2, and 58 f1.4. I really like the look of the 58. I did a side by side comparison to my Contax zeiss 50mm 1.7 (known as one of the sharpest 50mm's) and the voigtlander was sharper. It has great soul wide open, and is amazingly sharp stopped down. Don't hesitate to get it. Its a steal for its price

  • @rerbreg really? I found the Nikon 1.2 unacceptable wide open while the voigtlander was not bad at f1.1. I've sold both so cant test it out but I remember the Nikon was very bad at f1.2. Maybe I had a bad copy. I sold it immediately.

  • I'd just like to add at f2 the Nikon was sharper than the voigtlander. But I got it for f1.2 so I was disappointed.

  • Sure, if you pay the premium for a fast lens, it should perform fully open. There are lots of excellent lenses starting from 1.7 which are cheap and sharp.

    I can offer a test with the Rokkor too, but the weather is dull here today…

  • ipcmlr I made a judgment by video. If someone can compare nokton and nikkor, it would be great. Soon arrive nikkor 105 1.8 AIS, and I used nikokor 85 1.4- it is very sharp and high-quality lens. 50 1.2 I never used, I just decided to order it.

  • I dont think I need these aperture for video, donot use an open aperture to shoot. 0.95,1.1, 1.2, 1.4 - all for shooting in low lightas, as an additional bonus.

  • Canon FL 55 1.2 is a gem! Sharpness, bokeh and contrast matches my Nokton 25 wide open. No milky coma as with the FD 50 1.4. Will post examples soon.

  • @Rerbreg Yup. I might have had a bad copy. I deleted all my nikon 1.2 pictures. Sucks. All I have left is a low res shot of an orange at f1.2.

    Below is also a shot using the nokton at f1.1 I chose this shot so you can see the purple fringing when the lights hit my friends glasses wide open. Not too bad considering its at f1.1.

    Rest of nokton f1.1 shots here:

    1024 x 768 - 36K
    2048 x 1536 - 198K
  • Let´s hope that voigtländer add a couple of mft lenses towards the (relative) tele end. Looking at the shots above from nikon and leica make me love the 17.5 even more. :)