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Sony Action Cam
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    You can preorder them:

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  • 170 degree mode = 15.3mm (Equiv) 120 degree mode (with steadyshot) = 21mm (Equiv)

    WiFi model streams to iOS/Android devices.

    All specs here:

  • Only 30fps in EU model.

  • @john_farragut

    I believe it records into a 720/30p container, but records at up to 120fps.


    a 1080/30p capture mode and a 720p option at 120 frames per second, enabling some pretty slick slow-motion effects.

    SONY style :)

  • No 24p?

    I wonder if the new JVC does it?

  • What's the difference between the HDR-AS15 and the HDR-AS10 ?

    Nevermind...It's the WiFi. I just preordered one!

  • That's interesting. The GP looks a little sharper but the Sony walks away with low light.

  • @subco Thanks. Do you already have the camera? I was just about buying the GoPro, but it seems Sony wins it all... a pity that it is not available yet here in EU ...

    The guy posted two other videos :

  • @tommy I got mine on Wednesday and am still working it over. Low light is a lot better than the HD2, the out of camera image is flatter which will probably be better in post.

    Stabilization is good but the mounting options are not as versatile as the GP.

    Personal dislikes...I can't just look at the card in windows and copy the file. I have to use the software and I hate doing that.

    The Sony generates more heat than the GP and if you put it in the case where the air is moist, it will fog.

    The case doesn't seal as tightly as the GP and I don't think it will stand deep water.

    So far the two cameras are running neck and neck and I like the Sony, but not love it. That may change.

  • @peternap

    I just wanted to use the action cam, for some extra shots during documentary production. (Where I might not risk the GH2). Maybe mounting on a car, or doing basic under water shots. I first thought to buy an under water housing for the GH2, but they appear to be 3 times more expensive than the GH2 itself ;-)

    For me a steady and good image is more important than the versatile of mounting. but of course it is so stupid they made a camera that can not stand straight without the housing. I am using a mac, but apparently this cam doesn't work with ACHD files.

    The only other camera with stabilisation I found is the Bullet HD Pro (2?) 1080P. but I didn't find many discussions/ reviews about it. Do you know it?

    The guy that posted the videos did say he would not use for under water filming, until Sony provides him with 'a flat lens'. I don't really know what he means with this, but is that a problem for you?

    I just found out is not available here, because there appears to be only NTSC. A little off topic but: - would it be a big problem to convert 30 to 25 frames (It is better to throw frames away, right) - More off topic, but perhaps you know it as well: NTSC used to be worse quality because of less lines. But as the aspect ratio is the same now 1920x 1080 the only different is 50 / 60 frames, right? So in general (and besides what broadcasters want) I would say 60 frames now is better for smoother motion/ better slow motion/ under cranking, or am I wrong?

    P.s. I am now discussing the other camera issue with Onionbrain / Ralph_B as you suggested. Thanks!

  • @tommy .. I've bought a few sony cameras .. it's on the Australian Site for preorder .. I'm willing to bet money that it'll be 25P when it's released here .. not sure where you are

  • @kavadni I am in Europe, but indeed see local websites advertising with it, though it does say everywhere 30 frames. Don't know if it is a big deal to convert (as I mention above, better more than too little frames, right?)

  • @subco that is the most organized Ross I've seen:D will get my non wifi Sony tomorrow. Will test out tomorrow. I've sold my gopro hero 2 so no side by side test.

  • @tommy
    30fps to 25fps is not hard to do .. mpeg streamclip / most NLes .. will do it.

    It was also the same with the Hero .. not Sony
    A couple of months after it was available they released a downloadable PAL bios.

    Traditionally Sony release two different PN#
    I could be wrong .. I still suggest wait a while .. if the money burns through your wallet .. spend it before it gets through your pocket :)

    I too have my a bullet in my mouth and am refusing to bite

    I suspect that when you can buy it here (not preorder)
    ..Then 25fps will be available

  • @Subco Today was my first day of really playing and so far, I'm not impressed. Part is because I don't really understand the quirks and part is because of the quirks.

    It still fogs up with minimal usage. I'll put some rice in to stop that. The slow motion is really light sensitive and blows highlights and over saturates the sky. It will take some time to get used to what it will and will not do.

    The best clip of the day was when I took it out of the case to clear the fog, and pointed the bare camera at Zeus.

  • @kavadni @subco @peternap

    Thanks Indeed the image is getting less impressive (being used to GH2 style ;-) Maybe you won't see it that much, when there is a bit more action (falling down a cliff, or being under water ;-) You shot and uploaded 720, because of its 60P I suppose. The 1080 is only 30P, so less fluent movement, but is the image sharper/ better? (Or is it like the GH2, you better can shoot 720 50P?)

    Peternap, you had the GoPro as well, right? You think it produces less heat/ fog? When you had time to test it, I look forward to hear what the best camera is (GoPro HD2 vs Sony action cam)

    I will get one of them (as an underwaterhousing for the GH2, costs €2000,= pfff)

  • This Sony cam looks cool. However, it doesn't look as mountable as the Go Pro. I loved being able to mount the Go Pro under the RC car in this clip.

    My 8 year old son got out his rc car and we decided to have a little fun with it and the GH2 + Go Pro.

    Everything was shot in 720p @ 60 FPS for both cameras. I had the 25mm F1.4 @ F1.4 on the GH2 so as you can see it looses focus when the car gets closer to its minimum focus distance. I was going for that look in some of the shots though.

  • @tommy I have a bunch of the GP2's Tommy and no, they don't generate much heat. They will fog but generally only under extreme conditions like underwater. Antifog inserts or a few grains of rice take care of that.

    @Subco your assumptions are correct if you plan to use the camera like a normal camcorder or DSLR. That's not what they're intended to do though. I use GoPro's on poles, Drones, magnet mounts in every location imaginable, helmet mounts, ankle mounts, chest mounts...Etc. but I've never used one as a handheld replacement for a camcorder.

    The case is an integral part of the POV system. BTW, at least one fellow has already come up with a DIY PVC mount for the bare camera.

    It's still way early in the tests but so far, I'm not real impressed.

  • Well, I got my sony action cam yesterday. It worked perfect yesterday. Better than the go pro 2 in low light to my eyes. Steadyshot works pretty well.

    Today it is dead. Would not startup this morning. Will not charge. Hopefully it's a one time occurrence.

  • @subco I charged the battery 100% yesterday. Attached it to my car. Took videos. Once I got home I turned it off manually.

    You could be right about the the battery completely draining. I'm pretty sure I turned it off yesterday with several bars of battery life left.

    I don't feel like contacting Sony. I ordered off amazon and they are sending a replacement right now.

  • @subco Well. Looks like my Sony camera is up and running again! Strange. It just would not start the whole day. And now I press the rear button and starts up. Ahhh... must be something wrong with this. Will send it back to Amazon. I'm thinking it might be some mechanical problem with the Hold button. Looks like it's not disengaging completely even when its set to not hold.

  • Sony appears to have gone the opposite direction to GoPro, harsh over sharpened high contrast images out of the camera, it's like someone has drawn black lines around all edges and GoPro, softer and flatter now they have Protune.

  • @Rambo What I'm finding is that the Sony produces Usable video in low light situations but not in bright light.

    Some day there will be a POV camera that does both, probably about the time we have world peace, honest politicians, military intelligence and healthy cigarettes.

  • Yep it's disappointing, I was hoping for small Sony POV type shape but with GoPros image quality outdoors.

  • Thank God I didn't fall into this trap!! GoPro HERO 3 all the way to go!!