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Wireless HDMI broadcast for under $200
  • I'm assisting on a production right now that's using a RED Epic, and an Actiontec wireless HDMI transmitter for live previewing of the raw footage + LUT, on a 27" monitor. It seems to be working fantastically well, and the lag time is virtually none. This definitely beats spending $2000+ on a Teradek Cube.

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  • Awesome. These things have come a long way since I last used them. Thanks for sharing.

  • But what is the range of the signal. I am using Paralinx Arrow right now and more than happy on its range (close to 100 meters in open air area and 20 meters for close room area). How far can this transmitter do? Battery option?

  • @kicap Looks like a reasonable product.. at least price wise and from your experience. Anyhow it makes me nervous that you doublepost this on two treads.

  • Amimon pro is the chip technology being used in the Paralinx arrow and IDX for wirless HDMI transmission.

    I've tried the Actiontek with similar setup on the Red, and found the quality ranged from working with slight delay to unuseable at times. For only $200 it sure beat renting, but we ended up returning it to Best Buy in 30 days as it became defective in the end.

    the Actiontek was a cool toy however, when it actually worked briefly...

  • @QuickHitRecord @kicap @Meierhans @NickBen

    I am sure you saw my comment, so no reason to comment in this topic if we have similar one that is linked.

    I am not closing topic because it allows author to quickly repost content.

  • In defense of $2000 Teradek Cube. I have been using Teradek for about 2.5 years and have found it to be a powerful production tool for the professional environment. I have used up to 4 cubes at the same time without fall-outs across 100 yard distance. The trick is to have a very strong wireless signal between the cubes and the monitors (iPads, laptops, or decoders). I use Netgear Wifi Extender on a c-stand with nebtek 12v battery adapter to make it easy to move. 5.8 Ghz Router plugged into decoders sits on cart. As long as the wifi extender is in between the cubes and the router, boosting the signal, you can get excellent results. 2.4 Ghz range is usually crap, must get 5.8 cube, dual antennae is best.

    No doubt most are looking for a simple way to transmit their dslr footage across the room and this is an great cheap solution for this. However, because you can connect the teradek to a 5.8 wifi, and then make that wifi network as powerful or run as far as you'd like with multiple units running, it makes it hard to compare the two on price/versatility.

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