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GH2 and BMCC-MFT Mutually Incompatible Gear
  • I am very shortly going to purchase a GH2 camera, but very much plan on purchasing the BMCC-MFT after around 3-6 months of it's approximate release in December. I wanted to start this thread as a possible reference source for all the gear/accessories that are mutually compatible with both cameras to help everyone who is in the same position to save money in the long-term.

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  • I don't really get the point of this topic. For example what gear? It would be better to have topic about gear that are not compatible, because pretty much everything is compatible. I could imagine only that some view finders are not compatible due to different size of LCD screen...

  • @tonalt Hi there, my intention was for any gear that is compatible. In my own lack of reference knowledge I apologize that I didn't know that almost all gear/accessories were already known to be compatible with the BMC. In that case, your suggestion to discuss INCOMPATIBLE gear makes a lot of sense. Is there any type of adjustable viewfinder accessory that could be used for both cameras?

    (Topic name has been changed)

  • As of right now I would say that:

    1. any rig gear you get should be compatible with the exception of camera cages
    2. monitors and evfs with the addition of an hdmi to sdi converter
    3. any manual lenses that cover mft or larger sensor size. Non mft lenses that use a non-electronic adapter should work with both cameras
  • if you are using v mount or any battery solution capable of outputting 12v with a regulated cable you should be able to use it on bmc as long as you get the right cable connecting power source to monitor

  • Lenses Incompatible with BMCC:

    • All Panasonic Lumix Micro Four Thirds and legacy Four Thirds lenses
    • All Olympus Zuiko Micro Four Thirds and legacy Four Thirds lenses
    • All Sigma Micro Four Thirds and legacy Four Thirds lenses
  • If you are diving into m4/3 gear, my advice is to stick with MF lenses. So far, i have shot with all MFs, and am loving the experience. I am free to get the most expensive Carl Zeiss lenses, or Leica Rs, depending on my needs and budget, and know that I would also get to enjoy lateral mobility, meaning I get to switch systems anytime I wish. I am therefore not limited to just m4/3, I can pick up my M9 or use an Contax RTS with my Contax lenses. I can slap on my CZ zfs on a Nikon body if I like . . . . MF lenses are versatile, and the images they yield are so much more organic

  • Be aware that the GH2 sits lower than the Cinema Camera on a rail rig.
    If you don't have a height adjustable baseplate it may be an issue.
    Personally every camera has it's own rail mount.

  • @LPowell

    I would add all cctv lenses if BMCC doesn't have some crop system like GH2 EX Tele Conv (I haven't read it in BMCC specs).

  • @kazuo MF= Manual focus, correct? Manual focus also just seems the most "professional." (All movies have focus-pullers.) @Jean71 I don't believe that the BMCC currently uses a system like EX Tele Conv. Good observation!

    By the way thank you everyone for all of your ongoing contributions, all of this info is VERY helpful!

  • External power supply without voltage modulation, compact cages, the lenses already mentioned, viewfinder loupes. That's all that really comes to mind.

  • With MFs, all you need are adaptors that fit the glass mount to m4/3. The good adaptors are slightly costly, but they are worthwhile investments. I have been adapting lenses of all mounts, right now am looking at putting Hasselblads and Mamiyas 645 onto my GH2. Just saw some footage from such a workflow. Even BMC couldn't blow me away like the footage did!

  • The BMCC shouldn't ever use a ETC, since it doesn't have the pixels to spare. You'd get SDTV instead of HDTV ;-)

    And please remember that any cropping will reduce resolution below HDTV. If you de-bayer 2.5 K photocells, it will be roughly full HD resolution with a good algorithm. So, the wider Super-16 lenses (below 20mm, I'd say) don't cut it either.

    I don't say this to keep second-hand prices down – I have Zeiss Superspeeds sitting on my shelf…