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Arduino GH-2 integration for time lapse
  • I have a simple project to use an Arduino to rotate a GH-2 on a fluid head by set degrees to take 360 panos. The control of the motor is simple. Lots of motor DIY out there. What I need help with is how to wire the Arduino to the GH-2 shutter release. I'm aware the shutter cable is a 4 pole 2.5mm and I have one. I'm just stuck on how to connect the wires to the Arduino. And I know some resisters are needed to tell the GH-2 (Focus) or (Trigger). I have been searching. The closest I have found was the MX2 timelapse controller. But I have an arduino, GH-2 2.5mm cable, almost there.



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  • Did you find anything out? I would love to know how the trigger for GH2 works as well :)

  • Buy a cheap remote shutter from ebay, take it apart and you'll find out :) .. I guess there is just some contact, maybe resistor.

  • @disneytoy

    imageIf you aren't using a ready-made shield for your Arduino, you'll need to build something like this little circuit (where they've used a Prototyping Shield): (Arduino connections at left, mini-jack socket at right)

    This and others at In this one, they've included a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) for some reason. (Maybe this circuit is for a particular application). Photography is one pf the most popular Arduino projects and there's plenty of info & arduino projects around.

    From what you say, perhaps you already have got hold of a circuit diagram of some sort, along with the correct components for Panasonics.

  • Update. I'm going to use a cheap Ebay remote ($3-4) and somehow tie it in with the Arduino. I already have the stepper motor and reviewed several tutorials on programing the motor. So Basically, the Arduino has two output and one input. Digital pin for Stepper. Trigger pin, and an input pin to start or reset the program.

  • @disneytoy, thanks for this .. I have recently started playing with arduinos among other boards. And shall follow your progress.