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14mm m43 alternative lenses
  • I'm looking for a lens which is better quality and is around 14mm for GH2 camera.

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  • I was looking around for that also, olympus 12mm f/2 prime is cool, or wide zoom Tokina 11-16 f/2.8. Also sigma 10-20 is an option for a zoom, but tokina is much better.

  • I'm looking for a lens which is better quality and is around 14mm for GH2 camera.

    Better quality? What's the problem with the Lumix 14mm?

  • I'm quite satisfied with the lumix lens, but if there is something sharper, I would be interested. I'm using it for aerial video, so I mainly shoot panoramas. For close shots it is razor sharp.

  • Samyang 14mm is sharp (but have slightly weird distortion), most probably upcoming 10mm will be also.

  • I've not yet seen anything sharper than the Panny 14mm in that range, well, maybe the Oly 12mm.

    But both are sharper in the corners than any Samyang I know, plus they are ideal for arial if weight is an issue…

  • The 12-35mm is sharper, has OIS and a fixed 2.8 aperture, ie you lose nothing to the 2.5 14mm, but it's 4-5x cost but adds OIS.

  • @adventsam

    I won't be so sure, looking at tests vignetting is severe at wide end at F2.8.

  • Better than the Panny? I'll be watching this thread for all those amazing lenses.

  • The Olympus 14-35mm F2.0 is a very good lens, but I really doupt that you want to use that beast on something that flys:-P

  • Well... you get the CA in-body correction when using Lumix 14mm. It's sharp, rectilinear, small, and cheap. There's 0.79x converter, too. SLRMagic 12mm 1.6 has totally different traits, and it's good to own both the lumix and the slrmagic.

  • maybe the upcoming 14mm F2.0 Schneider Kreuznach lens. Or maybe one of the very high end and very pricey C mount lenses.

  • I doubt any C-mount shorter than 25mm will cover the sensor. Maybe some Super-16 PL-mount glass starting from 16mm upwards – even more pricey and heavy too.

  • I've seen the Tokina flown with a RED a few times and it looks great. The SLR might be pretty cool too but you'll have a harder time getting it really sharp if you think the 14mm isn't sharp enough.

  • Lack of sharpness can come from vibrations too, BTW. Quite an issue with small aircraft!

  • I am also searching good wide lense, what is faster than my 14 - 140. Panny 14 is quite cheap and i would get GF2 with same prize, but after reading review of Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 it seems to bee really good preformer and not out of my prize range. What would be good adapter for that lense?

  • @otcs, if you do not plan to make focus pulls using FF on video, 14mm is better option. And you can always add Panny or Sony wide converters to it. Will be light and good.

  • @VK Thanks 14mm is cheaper. And like your advise about Oly 45mm (What is absolutely fantastic) i will probaply go to panny 14mm.

  • I'm looking for some pancake variations. Thanks for all those suggestions. :)

    Just for the info, we are talking about this aircraft. :

    It has the best gyro stabilization on the market. The only thing is, that it has to be balanced perfectly to exact lens. So right now there are only two stock options 14mm lumix or 20mm lumix.

  • @miza Fanciful stuff. Though I'd like to see an actual shot of the aircraft O_O