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Effect of converting 30 fps to 25 or 24fps by software?
  • According to topic, what the effect of converting 30 fps to 25 or 24fps?
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  • Do you mean GH1?
    Or you mean software framerate conversion?
    it is impossible to understand your question.
  • sorry i mean effect by software framerate conversion?
  • your frames get blurry if you choose to blend them together, or motion gets choppy if you dont. there are newer interpolation methods out there but i did not test them. Either way youre better off shooting at the fps you want.
  • If you are shooting to for web you better shoot at 30fps or 60fps.
  • i'm on pal country.. but GH/GF1 MJPEG is awesome.. i don't want to go another.. I wanna make some video music.. i hope..

    what about "cineform neoscene" software?

    thanks for reply..
  • Cineform Neoscene will not convert anything unless it is a 60i footage (59.97). In all other cases it conforms (it has some pitch adjustment though). Please search the forum. There was a recent discussion on frame rate conversion.
  • @kool

    The best approach for converting 30 fps to 25 or 24fps is a computer vision technology called "optical flow."

    This technology tracks each pixel on the screen and figures out the exact motion in the pictures. It can then be used to create new frames between the existing frames. The most common use for this is to synthesize slow motion from normally shot footage.

    Many editing and compositing programs now have optical flow retiming features. Motion and FCP from Apple have a very powerful retiming solution, originally developed for Shake.

    Retiming from 30 to 25 or 24p requires the software to create new frames in the new timebase from the old frames. In other words, it looks at samples taken 1/30 of a second apart, and creates new frames between them and discards the original frames. Artifacts can occur using optical flow. You should experiment to see if it's acceptable to you.

    The best solution to get a cinematic look in 24 or 25fps is to shoot at that frame rate. There are many inexpensive cameras that shoot at these rates.

  • @kool:
    what are the advantages of MJPEG versus AVCHD other than the frame rate, in your opinion? Im curious!