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Sony NEX-VG30 camera topic
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    • Less moire
    • Phase AF on the sensor
    • Better EVF - OLED XGA
    • HD PS:Approx.28Mbps/FX:Approx.24Mbps/FH:Approx.17Mbps/HQ:Approx.9Mbps/LP:Approx.5Mbps; STD HQ:9Mbps
    • Otherwise similar specs with AVCHD recording up to 1080p60 (see other NEX cameras)
    • Better screen
    • Dimensions (Approx.) : Approx. 3 5/8in x 5 1/8in x 8 3/4in (WxHxD with including supplied NP-FV70 battery)
    • Weight (Approx.) : Approx. 1 lb 6 oz (650g) (with supplied NP-FV70 battery)
    • Price: $1800

    Available at:

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  • Also a new rocket zoom control on the hand grip and the ISO hot shoe. Hope for color adjustments something dropped on the VG20. Is a nice upgrade but i go for the VG900.

  • That power zoom seems interesting... any info about that?

    Sony should make a 16-50/2.8 zoom, but for e-mount... come on, it can't be that hard.

  • I'm surprised that Sony is still making a go at trying to get this camera right. They seem to have always been just a bit off the mark IMO. This does seem to be the best version so far, as I would expect, but it makes me wonder who this camera is really for. Originally I think they felt it was what most DSLR Videographers wanted. An interchangeable lens, large sensor but with better video handling. The problem was no 24p and Moire/Aliasing in the VG10, then they added the 24p, but still had Moire/Aliasing in VG20. Now the VDSLR Community has somewhat evolved since then and is looking for even more from a camera and they have more options. So I still wonder who this camera is for at this price point?

    It's not a bad camera at all. I like that they have this new Power Zoom Lens in fact i'm more interested in that lens than the camera. I think with this lens the VG30 could be a great little documentary or run n gun shooter. It has everything you'd need with better handling and with that large sensor DOF look too. I think i'd prefer a VG30 over a Canon XA10 for doing documentary work and also for doing Dance Videos or sports action.

  • @Aria

    I think Sony is doing all the right way. Improvement after improvement.

    Next version, or even firmware update, will get apps support. Moire will be less. More power zoom lenses will be available.

  • @Aria: It has indeed a lot to offer even against GH2... remember, better resolution and lack of moire isn't everything... It depends on what you shoot, but many people (like me) still prefer the look of Canons, even if they have moire,etc.

    The VG20 has peaking, bigger sensor, more natural colors (as Panasonic's colors are off - my opinion) and after all, its a camcorder with better audio options, better LCD and it can record more than 30min, etc.

    Thanks to Vitaliy, lot of limitations of GH2 are away now, but I'm still thinking about switching from GH2 to this cameras. However, lack of lenses is still holding me back..

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    800 x 424 - 52K
    800 x 585 - 66K
    800 x 791 - 84K
  • I'm very excited to see where Sony goes with their future camera features and design. This is what the other VGs needed to be: small camcorder-sized body with a bigger sensor and interchangeable mount. Really smart idea. Next step up for sony is their bigger FS line which for sub-$10K really delivers (proper audio, ND, forthcoming 4K). These new models show that sony places value in true improvement of their products. If I were still shooting on a Canon GL2, I would be seriously considering an upgrade to one of the new sony cams. But seeing as I have a GH2 which I am very happy with (thanks as ever to Vitaliy), I think I'm gonna ride this stuff out until I can get something akin to the FS-cams that shoots RAW. I could easily see the next FS-cam having some form of RAW recording mode. A lot hangs on wether or not the BMCC is good enough to force the other manufacturers into the sub-$10K RAW market in order to stay competitive.

  • Love my VG20 would really love this (or the vg900) but cant afford one :-(

  • I am kinda naive when it comes to Sony Handycam, but is he interchangeable lens option means we can make use of our existing manual focus Nikkor prime lenses? Of course the automation option (focus, zooming, etc) are all gone, but other than that is there any other issues?

  • @kicap Yes you can use adapted lenses and you will have focus peaking also. No issues on that front. The VG10 had a bigger crop factor (like NEX 5) but that was fixed with VG20 (like NEX 5N)

    @B3Guy You said "This is what the other VGs needed to be: small camcorder-sized body with a bigger sensor and interchangeable mount."

    Are you saying the the previous VG models did not have a big sensor and interchangeable mount? Not sure where you heard that because they do? Body/sensor size and adaptable mount are the same as previous VG models. Only difference is a few new features ,extra buttons) and newer sensor. And the sexy powerzoom :-D

  • Another point im not sure there still is talk of not enough lenses for the Nex system

    10-18mm f4

    16mm f2.8 average pancake + 2 nice wide angle adapters


    18-200mm x2

    18-200mm tamron

    18-200mm powerzoom

    18-55mm kit

    19mm f2.8 sigma

    24mm f1.8 zeiss (my personal fave)

    30mm f2.8 Sigma

    30mm macro

    35mm f1.8

    50mm f1.8 (another quality lens)


    Plus any adapted manual focus lenses you have

    And the Slr magic lenses

    And that 35mm f0.95 lens

    Most focal lengths are covered.

    24mm,35mm and 50mm is all I need for most situations.

  • First affordable digital camcorder for vintage 16mm lenses?

    1000 x 620 - 73K
  • Anybody following this topic already using a VG20 for Wedding related work?

    I've never filmed with an APC sized sensor so not sure exactly of what the f settings equate to, but does 3.5 provide shallow DOF?

    And will 2.8 do good low-light work?

  • is the vg30 codec any better than the nex6 codec or will it look exactly the same?

  • @cls105

    I think it is same, I think they just use same sensor and same LSI.

  • Does anybody on this forum own the VG30 meanwhile? Would be nice to have some own made opinions....

  • Here here! And WHERE are all the high-quality sample clips? Let's see some...

    The VG30 Looks very promising for low-maintenance filmic run-and-gun shooting. I'm very happy with my GH2, but know 2 director clients who want filmic pics without having to use manual adjustments. Pairing the 18-200 zoom-lens kit with the very affordable 35mm F1.8 stabilised Alpha E-mount Prime should be a TERRIFIC one-stop solution for them!

    I guess a Tiffen variable ND filter would complete the package, and shouldn't be a stretch for them to use with shutter set to Manual (around a 50th) and focus & exposure set to Auto. Would this be doable?

    Glad there's an XLR adaptor, too.

    I wonder if there's ANY chance of a high-bitrate hack for this? Shooting 1080p50 or 60p with only 24Mbps must surely be stretching those bits out awfully thin...

  • I wonder if there's ANY chance of a high-bitrate hack for this? Shooting 1080p50 or 60p with only 24Mbps must surely be stretching those bits out awfully thin...

    Right now it is hard to say, you can check from time to time.

  • Please @Sony, give us quality stabilized 16-50 2.8 and 50-150 2.8 E-mount zooms and this will be my next camera :)

  • a video review:

  • In spanish, but the images speak for themselves: Moire, aliasing and bad low light performance. Pre-production camera, though.

  • This thing rocks with Zeiss Primes. I have the VG20, it's the same in almost every aspect as the VG30, apart from the LCD screen. The VG30 has a sharper screen, just as the GH3 when compared with the GH2