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Original Firmware vs Hack (GH2)
  • Maybe there is a thread like this, and if so I apologize and admin can just delete this.

    I've started to think about how much difference is there between the original firmware and the hacks we get here. There sure are improvements but it often leads to higher bitrate > larger files > larger disks > less money. So I want to see if the hacks are worth the extra spaces it takes. I'm not skeptic about the hacks I just want to hear others opinions and comparisons.

    In this thread it would be nice to see comparisons between the original firmware and different hacks. And yes, some hacks does not only improve the quality right from the camera though some can help you when it comes to grading for example. Maybe we can see grading comparisons of that as well?

    So if you got pics or videos with comparisons of the original and some hacks, please use this thread to show that and keep this thread only for discussing these questions.

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  • We have multiple similar topics.

    Just search for them in Hacks category.

  • @davidhjlindberg

    Here is a video showing the same scene shot with all different types of settings. I must say that this is not the end all be all though. It just simply shows that for simply watching videos of a static scene you will not see any color difference between the various settings. The color profile you choose has a much greater affect on that than anything else.

    If you really want to tear the footage apart in editing and break it down to individual colors you will see a slight difference. For instance in Green Screen work you could see a difference in individual colors.

    The things that are affected the most are noise(for better or for worse depending on what you want) and compression artifacts in constantly changing scenes.

    Really no one can tell you what you want except for you. If you are going for ultimate quality with ultimate editing capability then you probably are going to end up with GOP = 1 very high bit rate videos. However, you really should ask yourself is your end product going to just nulify those benefits in the end anyway?

    If you have to compress your video back down to streaming bit rates in the end then it really won't matter as much about what your source is.

    The best thing to do is start out with settings that don't require you to change anything about how you are filming(ie: Memory Cards or vastly greater storage space). Try the settings in the video below. Shoot the things you would normally shoot and edit them as you normally would. If there are things that bother you about the footage then move up to higher settings and see if those correct your issues.

    Starting out with the highest settings possible might just fix a problem you don't currently have.

  • Hi everybody, i am just a newbie , i upload the Flow Motion patch to my GH2 and i am not able to select the "record mode" when i am in manual movie mode ? ( like 720/60p ) Any suggestions ? Thank you in advance