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Sony Excellence Professional MiniDV Tapes for Sale
  • If You Want to Feel Confident About Your Video Projects, Don't Settle for Anything Less Than Sony Excellence!

    Come On... If you use Tape, You can't find any Better for Less!

    I purchased 600 of these tapes for a film project a few years ago, and have 33 of them left.

    They are brand new (have been stored in a climate controlled location since purchased) and still in their protective wrappers... They Were Never Opened!

    They come in 5 packs and the boxes they come in are unopened as well, except for the 1 box out of 7 that only has 3 (unopened) tapes out of the 5.

    These tapes are durable and have never let me down. Before I use to use a lower quality tape and I had all kinds of problems, like drop outs in the middle of a good take :-(

    But these Sony tapes gave me the confidence to trust my equipment, and it saved me a lot of stress AND money.

    I no longer have any tape based equipment so they are up for bid.

    BTW The MSRP on these is something like $23.99 Each, and they are selling at retail for around $11.99 - $16.99 Each (you can probably find them for $8.00 each, or maybe less, if you look hard enough but they are hard to find).

    I'm selling them for $128 or Best Offer.

    Contact me if you are interested... Anthony

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  • Hi All!

    Someone made me an offer for $60, so right now you can get a super deal for $65 until I get a better offer!

    If you use MiniDV tape, this is a GREAT Deal!

  • MiniDV tapes? Sure, I'll take them off your hands for a buck a cassette, plus $15 shipping. You can pay me via PayPal at areyou&$@$&kiddingme@aarp.old