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Feelworld monitors
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  • To answer my own question from above, there will be no audio from the headphone jack with GH2 except during playback. Just tested with my Asus 22" HDMI monitor today. Guess the GH2 does not send audio over HDMI except when reviewing.

  • Guess the GH2 does not send audio over HDMI except when reviewing.

    Yes, it is correct.

  • Hello Again Everybody :)

    I just received my monitor and plugged it in for the first time.

    I noticed a red sticky tab on the upper right hand corner of the screen, and assumed that it was attached to a screen protector, but when I pulled it off, it didn't pull up anything and seemed like it was just stuck on to the screen.

    That would be a problem for me because the screen looks like someone wiped it clean with a soft scubbing pad, it's scratched quite a bit.

    I can't imagine they would ship something like that, so before I contact them I thought I would ask you guys that own one.

    Does this in fact have a screen protector on it?

    And if so, How do I get the bloody thing off :-)

    Thanks in advance!!


  • @questech - Any updates on your monitor? Have one on order and curious to know what this is about. Thanks!

  • Hello,

    These guys are great. I didn't get any feedback anywhere else, so I contacted the seller. They responded very quickly to my question.

    They said that there is indeed a screen protector that the red tab was attached to. They told me to be careful when removing it now that the tab was gone, and to maybe use the tip of a sharp object to get an edge up.

    I was impressed by their responsiveness. I contacted them before I purchased and they were equally responsive.

    When you get yours, be aware that if you're not careful you will do the same thing that I did.

    When you start to pull on the red tab, make sure that the underlying screen protector is coming up as well.

    Let me know how that goes, I'm not going to try and take mine off just yet.


  • @questech - Good to hear the news. They seemed to be good with communication, as immediately after I ordered, they provided me with various emails addresses and a skype contact, if I had any questions.

    What do you think of the monitor so far? Have you used it outside in direct sunlight yet? I am happy with what I have read so far, so am excited to use this monitor.

  • Hi

    I like it. It doesn't have the feel of a high quality monitor in that it is very light and feels almost toy like... plastic.

    That is countered by the great connectors on the back, which look very professional and are solid... no rattling or looseness observed.

    So I'm going to guard it like an egg and that should make it last a very long time... in other words it isn't industrial strength like an expensive monitor, so handle it with care and you should have many hours of use.

    The focus assist aspects are OK, I haven't worked with it long enough to be comfortable with it, but once II use it a while, I'll probably like it.

    I use it to show video from a laptop as well and it's great for that (showing images to clients so that they can see a variety of looks with different output devices).

    So I think this is a great monitor, even at a higher price, the people are great, just handle it with care.

    I haven't used it outside yet.

    I'm going to play with it in a little while... I'll know more latter... Anthony

  • @questech - Thanks for the info. One of the features I really like when reading about this monitor is that it is so light. Yes, this may compromise a bit of build quality, though makes handling a rig a lot easier. Hoping to mostly avoid attaching the battery, and just run a cable from one of this $40 CCTV batteries I picked up. Thinking I may even look into making some rubber bumpers to attach to the edges and or corners to give it a little extra ruggedness.

  • Cool!

    I did some more testing (indoors) and I'm liking it more and more.

    I'll probably take it outside today.


  • OK, I have been running the monitor on the battery that came with it for over 7 hours now...

    People have told me not to expect too much, well I didn't, but I'm pleasantly surprised!

    Oh Yeah, I took it outside in the sun yesterday, and I didn't even have to use the sunshade... something I read about, but didn't fully believe.

    So I give this guy an A+++++++++ and you really can't beat the price.

  • @questech Thanks! I've been watching this thread thinking about getting one to replace my Liliput,

  • Great Deal IMHO

  • I just bought this deal The seller has accepted 125 pound offer which is something like $193. I guess it's the same seller.

  • So happy to hear this review! Good to know it doesn't drain the battery too quickly. And being able to use it outside is a must for me, so glad to hear that.

    How long did it take to get to you, as far as shipping goes?

  • So after finding out my Feelworld monitor got rejected by customs in China because of Li-ion battery, the seller asked if I wanted a refund, or if I wanted them to reship. This was 1 month after I paid for it. Asked if they could DHL it, and they did - 4 days later I have my monitor. So if buying from them, ask before hand if they can DHL it, or buy it without the battery.

    Anyways, the monitor is truly amazing. It has a super clear and bright images. All functions can be called up with 1 or 2 button presses and battery life seems great so far. Also can be powered from CCTV battery. Peaking works good on all but pure black objects. HDMI out works perfectly and is a straight pass-through, so when peaking is on on monitor, you don't see it on second monitor. Speaker is surprisingly loud when playing back footage. Viewing angle is better than expected and sunshade seems super heavy duty, though is very light in weight. See this thread for images mounted on rig:

  • So I have been using this monitor for a while now.. and WOW - the resolution is spectacular. Then I got the idea to connect it to my computer to see what the native resolution is reporting as - and guess what you will not believe. It's native resolution is being seen as 1280x720. I kid you not, if I set the resolution to this native resolution and extend my desktop to it, I see true 1280x720 detail!

    Maybe someone else can test theirs and see if they get the same. I think the 1024x600 may be a typo :)

  • @sam_rides_a_mtb

    This looks extra strange, as all sellers list it as 1024x600. As for resolution - EDID just have recommended resolution setting that is usually set by computer.

  • Does this monitor have a 2:35.1 frame guide?

  • @sam_rides_a_mtb -- which seller did you get the monitor from? Got a link? Thanks! :) When I click on previous links in this thread, it says the listing has ended. I want to make sure I get the product model number being discussed.

  • Another question. Where are people finding reliable Sony F970 batteries for a reasonable price?

  • @JohnTollwannabe

    Same as monitor - ebay. I suggest to use F750 or similar batteries, as F970 is not handy in monitors.

  • @JohnTollwannabe - that is the correct seller. Just make sure you get the options you want. They have some of the exact monitor with and without the hdmi in&out. Also, some come with a battery and battery plate - while others do not.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev @sam_rides_a_mtb Thank you for the info!

    Drat! No 2.35:1 guides. You would think that would be an easy thing to add.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev - does this Feelworld monitor have a mounting option for an F750 or similar, lighter battery or is the F970 plate provided compatible with these other Sony batteries?

  • Just got my FeelWorld monitor. Lookin' good so far! Now, all I need is to find a place to buy a decent rail rod clamp for my magic arm.

    Any suggestions?