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  • Hi guys. I don't know if you remember, but 3 months ago I proposed and idea of shooting a documentary with the help of GH2 enthusiasts from across the globe. About 10 people agreed to contribute their footage for the trailer (preliminary trailer of course. I know it's a little weird) It worked. So I pitched it to my company's leadership (it's a major TV broadcaster in Russia). You can watch the trailer

    As it is stated there: "Planet of Babel" is a story of the Greatest Recession told by ordinary people (not talking heads or experts) from various countries. We explore the impact of the global economic collapse on families and individuals who are totally unfamiliar yet very connected to each other. The world of global economy might have been flat as T. Friedman once proclaimed, but now people's lives are flattened by the Recession.

    "Planet of Babel" provides a panoramic view of the catastrophe from Greece, Italy, Spain in Europe to Argentina and Mexico in Latin America, Pakistan and China in Asia, Ethiopia in Africa and many more countries all the way to the United States of America as the home-place of the new Tower of Babel."

    So after some extensive discussions we are getting closer to the production stage. Me and my assistant (Nikon d800 and hacked gh2) will be traveling around Europe (and hopefully Asia and America too) starting next week. I wonder if broader masses of the personal-view inhabitants might want to take part in the project? It can either be your own story or your footage/ideas/contacts that you contribute to the project (we have a budget to compensate for the good stuff. not enough to make a living, but still). Meanwhile with Vitaly's help I'm trying to start a new discussion board based on the wiki engine so that those who are interested can communicate more easily and productively.

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  • Congratulations, looks promising. Hope the project gets more footage to let us see more of this truth.

  • Great trailer!

    There was an interesting interview with the President of Iceland today. When he was pressured by the IMF and Western Govts to bail out foreign banks that failed, he refused and put it to a referendum to his citizens. They rejected the bailout and the country recovered faster than the rest of the world.

    The President of Iceland, Olafur Grimmson reflects on the challenging decisions that helped rescue his country from the brink of total economic collapse.

    Hear the interview with LISTEN button.

  • Looks excellent and extremely relevant. With the world approaching an economic and social meltdown those in power seem to be doing more to ensure than it will happen rather than not. Good luck with the project!

  • @GOODEMPIRE Just finished watching this Doc ,Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged , makes one head spin. Also spoke with a few liberals that hate her messages and evidently those same messages have been accepted by the right wing here in the U.S. The populations are becoming more confused as the rhetoric rises. Little known fact that there were 48 thousand regulations put forth by the Bush administration alone, shit..... for what. the Machine of course. Imagine if Rand's ideas are misinterrupted, how much damage will be done. As she said, whose to blame? we are because of our lack of action.

  • @exilenorth

    Just finished watching this Doc ,Ayn Rand & the Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged

    I think you posted it in the wrong topic :-)
    Ayn Rand is one of the most horrible people who influenced world in a bad way.

  • "Ayn Rand is one of the most horrible people who influenced world in a bad way.@

    Fully, completely, unquestionably agree with that notion.

  • @GOODEMPIRE could you remember me for what Russian TV you are working for? I need it when I contact people. Thank you..

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev @GOODEMPIRE Hey, I do not disagree with you guy's, but moreso the idea that people are dredging up old ideas and are trying to apply them to today. I seems that the acceptance of the corporate mandates and the dictates of the world banking structure is now undermining humankinds simple existance. Spains 21% VAT... The miners are fighting to survive.. Rand was a ego-centric person, at the time a minor influence, today, influencial on the right or conservative sides of the issue. Frightening.

  • @Kihlian Russian State TV

  • There's a 3 part doc by Adam Curtis on Ayn Rand's ideas and their role in the global financial collapse.

    All three episodes are online at Vimeo.

  • Awesome stuff! feels great that you have collab and collective people all over the world to give a hand into this. This is the great thing about the power of the new media.