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Quick release adapters and QR plates
  • I've recently purchased a GH1 while waiting for the GH2 hack. I have not received either camera's yet but I was wondering which quick release adapter & plate that is commended for tripod and shoulder rig on which the battery would still be accessible? With Google I find a few and some people recommend Acratech 2173 QR. Any tips?
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  • Thanks Vitaliy. I did find that thread but was still looking for a nice adapter to go with it. After doing some more research I think this one is pretty popular among GH1 & GH2 users: Can be mounted onto a bigger plate too, it seems.
  • If you are into video you better get Giottos with larger plate (or similar Manfrotto QRs).
    As you need to balance camera and sliding plate is required.
  • Yes, I've seen people attach this to a bigger Manfrotto QR plate for video use on a tripod or shoulder rig. It looked pretty handy but then I'm still waiting on my camera so I can't give a verdict yet. ;)
  • Check this guy out, this does not work for balancing, but for $19 shipped I think it works great with my shoulder mount.

    The quick release just has a hex head screw that mounts it onto the ball head. Plus it fits the RC2 plates, which I already had from my manfrotto head.
  • The "Quick Release Assembly And Sliding Plate Mount Work for Camera" item looks great unfortunately I'm not on map for them. Have someone seen this in any EU shop?

  • I would like recommend buy only original Manfrotto QR plates. I have lot of 323 systems. But now tried Manfrotto 234 RC It's has same plate, but has 5cm height. Very good for rigs, it helps place camera in front of eyes, it's important for using optical VF, like lcdvf.

  • Howdy. I'm new to most things of this nature and have a question about quick release adapters.

    Basically, I purchased a baseplate to mount my camera on, but it has a fixed locking pin instead of a spring loaded one. The pin cannot be removed.

    Will a quick release adapter be able to be mounted over the top of a fixed locking pin, or am I kind of screwed?

    Thank you

  • If anyone is ever interested...

    I went down to my local camera store and tried to mount a Manfrotto 577 QR adapter over the top of the anti-twist pin on the gini magic baseplate I was using. As I had suspected, the pin got in the way and the adapter couldn't be made flush with the baseplate.

    Solution: use a punch and tap the dowel out by hand. Now I'm able to mount whatever the hell I want on there. I'm going to order up a Calumet Photo QR adapter now that they are back in business, also happen to be compatible with manfrotto plates.

    I wonder why Gini put a fixed anti-twist pin on the baseplate since it was manufactured to be used with DSLRs.