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What do you think of new GoPro hero2 ?

    2X More Powerful in Every Way

    * Professional 11MP Sensor
    * 2x Faster Image Processor
    * 2X Sharper Glass Lens
    * Professional Low Light Performance
    * Full 170º, Medium 127º, Narrow 90º FOV in 1080p and 720p Video
    * 120 fps WVGA, 60 fps 720p, 48 fps 960p, 30 fps 1080p Video
    * Full 170º and Medium 127º FOV Photos
    * 10 11MP Photos Per Second Burst
    * 1 11MP Photo Every 0.5 Sec Timelapse Mode
    * 3.5mm External Stereo Microphone Input
    * Simple Language-based User Interface
    * Wi-Fi BacPac™ and Wi-Fi Remote™ Compatible (coming soon)
    o Long Range Remote Control of up to 50 GoPro Cameras
    o Wi-Fi Video/Photo Preview + Playback + Control via GoPro App
    o Live Streaming Video and Photos to the Web
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  • Really nice. Like the FOV options and higher FPS in different rez. I wonder how fast the lens is? Obviously these are made for outdoors.

    I'd like to see them come out with a premium model too = 120fps @ 720p and 60p @ 1080p. Would also be nice to have 24p.
  • Wonder if the bitrate was improved.
  • Didn't GoPro acquire Cineform not too long ago? I'd guess the Cineform guys are squeezing all they can at the highest bitrate possible, but yes, curious to see what the bitrate is.
  • It's got to have PAL framerates. The original HD Hero does, and if you look at the comparison between the two on their website the PAL framerates aren't listed for that one either.
  • I love the GoPros no matter what they do from here on out... but a 2K model would be nice... ooh ooh or a 10 bit 4:2:2 lol here are my favorite go pro videos...

  • The lack of 1080 @ 60p is rather a shame.
  • New firmware for the HD2 will be out in a week and enable most of what is missing. Except 1080p 60fps, that is not gunna happen in a sports cam anytime soon and be useful.
  • Olivia's quick review:

  • Wow, thanks for posting that expert review! Me, I won't buy a piece of gear until I see what Olivia says about it first. She is THE expert of the entire DSLR video scene. Put Bloom, Lafloret and Hurlbut in a blender and set it for puree and you STILL wouldn't come close to the sheer visual artistry, professional experience, and critical analysis that is Olivia.

    Who cares if she obviously doesn't know anything about this stuff and is just reading lines Emm feeds her? Who cares if she dresses like a low end Tila Tequila? Who cares if she's just a wannabe model from the Valley slash sock puppet hoping this DSLR video pinup girl schtick catches enough fire so she can quit community college and live off affiliate ads?

    I for one don't see anything lame or embarrassing about guys old enough to be her father pretending there's any other reason at all they link her videos other than her teenage body in shorts and the hope that maybe someday they'll meet her and she'll be all like oooooh you've got such a big legacy zoom and they'll be all like yeah baby I just had it declicked by Matt Duclos himself and she'll be all like aw snap poppy you know just what to say to a girl and they'll be all like aw yeah IT'S AWN.

    Nope, nothing lame about any of this. Olivia 4ever!
  • Epic rant! She might not be the Einstein of the tech industry, but there's a market for her approach. I think you might need to have a drink.
  • @Shaveblog : can you not pollute the airwaves here with your condescending language, please? I think she's informative, and while scarcely dressed (she probably lives in a warm area), she obviously knows a thing or two about the cam. Even if all the rest you say is true, you sound like a YouTube troll, and i think this forum deserves better, if you ask me.
  • I thought Toronto2 had a nice line in minimalist irony..
  • Well at least it's good to know that she can live stream from the shower and stick it on the mirror on her ceiling. She seems quite qualified to review such a thing
  • A warning: Dont buy this to shoot in low light environments. I dont mind a nice girl presenting products nor Shavebogs reply. But Olivia is basically just repeating the companies claims which I think she did not verify by testing the camera seriously. Philip Bloom did test the GoPro Hero 2 and he is shure not biased against GoPro since they are a sponsor of his site. He likes the new one exept for one thing: the low light performance has not been significantly improved, seems to be still very poor, f 2.8 or not.
  • Here's a brief Gopro HD Hero vs Gopro HD Hero 2 comparison

    There's certainly some improvement in low light performance but one may certainly consider it marginal.

    That'd be interesting to compare the HD Hero 2 to Replay XD1080 which beats the crap out of competitors in terms of resolution and low light sensitivity.

  • Anyone have any experience with spanning on the hero 2, xd1080 or contour. My hero won't span always. I have to mount a camera to a turtle (yes) and want to get as much footage as possible --considering a lot of the footage will probably be a turtle sitting around doing nothing better get a lot. (the turtle also has gps so I can get it back).

  • @davhar Well at least it's good to know that she can live stream from the shower and stick it on the mirror on her ceiling. She seems quite qualified to review such a thing

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I noticed that comment too. Also it's great how the first part of the video we get to see down her blouse. These are wonderful times we live in. We are blessed.

    I like Olivia.

  • Irrespective of the camera, I think if Olivia tried to be less of a cute product advertiser (spokesmodel) and a bit more of an enthusiast user/neutral observer/reviewer as I think deep down she wants to be, she really, really could go places in the tech blog world.

    I believe the fact that she's obviously blessed with friendly charisma and charming good looks, is bringing out some misplaced jealousy, juvenile comments, and unwarranted animosity in some of these comments about her. Lay off the girl. At least she found a niche and has a job in this tough economy. Hearing information about dull tech. stuff from a pretty lass does make it more of a pleasure than it normally would. I wish Olivia the best.

  • What do I think? I think they need to release the damn ProTune update! :)

  • I really like the Hero 2.

    without it I'd have to duct tape myself to planes!

  • Millions of users can't be wrong, it's a fun little cam taking the world by storm. There are a few newcomers on the way though.

    Sony and JVC have just entered the wearable camera market.