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Adobe Subcription Plans?
  • Anybody try Adobe's new subscription plans with CS6 yet? I think I'm about to try it for After Effects. Seems to be a great deal so far... just wondering if anyone's ran into any snags or problems?

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  • I understand that the subscription is for whole Adobe package and not for a single product... or am I missing something? Is it possible to subscribe to only 1 product?

  • I think you can do it piecemeal but it's more expensive. I looked it it and decided to stay with 5 for a while longer.

  • Mine works great! I have the entire suite now. I pay $30 a month.

  • @shian a little OT I suppose but do you have Plural eyes and Neat Video and if so, do the versions for 5 work on 6?

  • @peternap AFAIK the AE plugin architecture hasn't changed between 5 and 6. You should be able to manually copy over the .aex files into CS6.

  • Love it! I have the student subscription $30 +$3(tax). They haven't asked for my school transcript yet. /strikeout/LightRoom isn't included yet through./strikeout/

    You can try the subscription based license for 30 days of course; to test.

  • Awesome, thanks... I'll definitely be going with the subscription route.

  • Its definitely a good deal for students. Don't forget though, the rate will go to regular $50/month after intro period is finished jtlyk.

  • Actually, I just checked and LightRoom 4.1 is included now. Also, I think they make you commit for a year, but only pay monthly.

  • Still a good offer, since all updates are included ( think 6.5 … ).