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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • @driftwood That's great you got to see it.

    Was it a difficult choice picking the Arri? I happen to love the look of that camera. Also, do you think some of your latest settings have in any way significantly bettered the Quantum settings you provided for the shootout?

  • Nice Nick! You gotta rule them all xD By the way: Thanks for all that Work done!

  • @driftwood i patched back to quantum v9b new sedna adapted matrix gonna test it today...will upload few videos soon.... thx

  • @thepalalias today i am gonna test quantum 9b new sedna adapted matrix....any plans to compare new quantum v9 with sedna A????

  • @rajamalik I am in the process of going through my tests from last month to upload some of the files. Unfortunately, I tested Quantum v9c but not v9b.

    I added some of the original MTS files from my testing last month to my GH2 Hack Reference page.

    These are the video files that I used to make the matrix of screenshots a while back in this thread. I have only uploaded 6 of the files so far - more to come later.

  • thepalalias Thank you, very helpful

  • @driftwood .. any chance of a crossfire variation optimised for bluescreen?

  • Cluster v4 (6 GOP) is surprisingly the best quality setting I ever used. Thank you so much!!!

  • @driftwood

    Dude, you came in only after Arri? Congrats! That's a real feather in the cap.
    Btw haven't really tried all of Cluster v4 - tried the first one, it locked up my cam. But from preliminary tests, I much prefer v3. Will do more legwork. As always thanks for the inspired innovation

  • @kavadni It doesn't make much sense to put any time and effort into blue screen. On electronic cameras it's the noisiest channel plus it has very bad resolution in Bayer pattern plus 4:2:0.

  • The link is up for Part one of the Revenge of the Great Zacuto Camera Shoootout 2012 - learn about the guys behind the GH2 setup at around 17 minutes in.

  • I ordered a SanDisk 16gb 95mb/s extreme pro because I got some writing errors with my Extreme 30MB/s. But now I read that the 16gb cards are slower than the 32gb and 64gb. Which settings are working on this card? I would really like to get about 30 minutes of movie on it, but it doesn't need to spann.

    I would really appreciate your help! Thank you.

  • I have no probs with spans on all my latest Intra settings on the 64Gb 90MB/s cards plus I did try a 20mb/s HD Video card which spanned to three files... I'll run some tests when I get a moment but the palalias has pretty much covered it. You have to understand, some of the higher quality settings really push the GH2 and its not suprising on certaiin detail you may get a few stopped recordings but at least with some decent duration.

  • Thanks! I'll try the Cluster v3 for a while and see which durations I can get on my 16gb cards :)

  • Any suggestions for HBR using 100-300mm+ ex tele? I'm going to film some birds.

  • What exactly were the settings the two gentlemen in the Shootout 2012 made "-2, -2, and -2" on the GH2? Are these standard among the GH2 community?

  • Hi Gotta say the Crossfire settings in 24P are STELLAR!! I was knocked out, the level of detail was stunning. I gave it some demanding tests indoors, close ups, human movement, all types of stuff...WOW!! I love those all I frame settings!! Thanks Nick.

    @j_childs I need HBR when I plan to move the camera a lot...I found Cluster4 (G) to be very very good. I used it at 29.97 and it was quite close to many of the 24P settings in terms of quality. Cluster4 (G) retained detail quite nicely and at a very low bit rate... 38mbps (or something) I think Driftwood is on to winner there...I shot many close ups of a highly detailed metallic Dobro and labelled jars in the background and Cluster4 (G) was quite close to 24P quality .

    With Cluster4 (G) you could see all the detail on the Dobro and almost read the labels in the background (no DOF), I have found many other HBR settings just seem to fall apart in rendering fine detail and those labels turn to mush. I havent tested Cluster4 (G) outdoors yet...tho, so its not 100% conclusive, but so far its definitely impressive.

  • @kidwiththeflu it refers to the film mode/color profile/picture profile settings. The four parameters are contrast, sharpness, saturation and noise reduction (not sure if I get the order of the first two right) and most people online know what you mean when you refer to -2, -2, -2, -2 because it is the only collection of values on the camera that goes from -2 to +2.

    @Astro Cool that you are getting good results. I think you mean "it has deep DOF extending to the background" not "no DOF". If it had no DOF, we couldn't read anything in front or in back of the focusing point. :) I am guessing you wanted to emphasize that DOF was not shallow?

    @Fritzlimo5 As Driftwood mentioned, I did a lot of testing in that area. The SanDisk 95MB/s 64GB outperforms the 16GB and 32GB versions quite noticeably for the higher performance settings - it also outperforms the Delkin 95MB/s 16GB. For several months, it has been the single most useful card available for the GH2 but that could change in an instant in the future.

  • @thepalalias Thanks for the correction yes "deep DOF" is exactly what I meant


  • Where can we download the new Sedna variation of Crossfire? I only see Canis Majoris variations on page 1.

  • Very nice Andy

  • Sedna Crossfires going up later today.

  • Thanks @driftwood -----New quantum v9b Sedna Adapted Matrix, will be uploaded shortly,.....

    1990 x 1120 - 2M
  • Does anyone use Sedna AQ1 and is able to use 720P without speed errors? If so what card do you use? Getting speed errors with a Sandisk 8GB 95MBs.

  • @driftwood I think the most stable settings for 25HBR and 50p at medium bitrate are Pictoris CBR. I filmed with Pictoris CBR 25HBR at wedding dance-floor one shot full 64GB Sandisk SDXC (45MB) - it was 1hour 52min, my client asked me don't stop because second ENG camcorder was at jib crane. I would like ask you to make some combined settings Pictoris with Sedna matrix or something else for your choice. Thank you for your great work! PS. What advantage for VBR version Pictoris vs CBR? Only for reduce bitrate? I never tried VBR settings if there are were CBR.

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