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Music video I shot with the gh2 and driftwood hack
  • So I finally finished this music video, and since I'm on this forum so much and I find it so useful, I wanted to post this video here.

    Let me know what you guys think. The compression on youtube and vimeo is awful, so if you want to see it for real, you can download the file from vimeo. There's also an annoying glitch at the end that I couldn't fix. i uploaded the video several times and every time it did the exact same thing.

    It looks a lot better if you download it from vimeo.

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  • Pretty damn good! Which patch did you use?

  • Canis Majoris for the hotel stuff, and I think Quantum for all the other stuff. We shot in october of last year for all the driving and street corner stuff, and then ran into money problems and didn't finish shooting unitl April of this year.

  • Yes, strange clip, like a horror movie 90s...

  • Or something from David Lynch :)

  • Dam. Seriously all the work posted lately have been nothing short of stellar. I enjoyed this.

  • Great clip, great track. I love it!

    What lenses did you use?

  • that was impressive. loved it! well done!

  • I see very positive trend lately.
    Less and less bushes and more and more good clips.
    Keep it up.

  • Liked this a lot, well done! Was the blooming in the night driving section achieved in post or at the time of shooting?

    The ending bit feels like a mash-up of Cronenberg circa Videodrome and David Lynch to me. In a good way :)

  • Yep, less bush! Good work Josh. I'd like to see the original mts or a high grade conv from the mts mix as none of the downloadables off Vimeo are that brilliant. What was your work flow?

  • @brudney We shot on lomo lenses, and an fd mount lentar zoom, just for the slow zoom shots.

    @Oedipax The blooming that your talking about, is Black pro mist 1. I like to do as little post as possible and as much practically and in the camera as I can. That being said, the only post stuff, is at the end with the push in on the chest, as there was no real way to shoot a man with a hole in his chest.

  • @driftwood. the original export is around 10gbs. I could do a super high quality h.264, but I don't know where I'd host it, as it would probably be around 1gb.

    as for workflow, I converted everything to Prores4444 with 5dtoRGB. 709 and full range. Edited in final cut, and then used nattress G Film Plus Rt to tweak the black level and the color curves a bit. The color correction is very minimal. The first few shots of the girl putting on the makeup are straight out of the camera, no adjustments. Then I have a grain clip that I made thats 4k res that I put over all the clips to get rid of a lot of the plasticness of the clips. Exported in Prores 4444 then converted to mp4 in compressor.

  • @josh_chiara, I agree about doing as much as possible in-camera. Always looks better when you do it for real.

  • Damn, just saw this ... great work! The driver's performance is freaking awesome (talent is good all around) and I really like the composition, clever focus pulls, etc... and just gritty and bumpin' with that tune. It was kind of like watching a music scene in Drive, only in an alternate universe with an anti-Gosling who is completely disinterested in saving anyone, quite the opposite in fact. IMO, the freeze frames on the final zoom sequence seem to subtract from the drama, that's the only critique I dare offer... enjoyable show all around!

  • @Tron. I like that you see the parallels with Drive. When that came out, we had already written the script and began pre-production, and we thought that a lot of people would see the similarities in Drive.

    As for the glitch at the end, it's a youtube and vimeo glitch. I uploaded it several times and it glitched the same every time. It doesn't do that if you download it from vimeo.

  • Really great video! Can you talk about the slider and dolly moves and what you used to produce them? One move looked like a combination of a slide and dolly.

  • The song is pretty Chromatics-y too.

  • We used a slider in the hotel room scenes. For the street corner scenes we used a dolly and jib at the same time to get the dolly ins and up and down movement

  • Downloaded from Vimeo, looed closer, yes, a mix of early Cronenberg and Lynch! And I like it!

  • @josh_chiara This is great - amazing really! I know it was 2 years ago, but by chance do you remember which Canis Majores patch/setting was used (Skin Tones, Night, etc.) and which Lomos were used for the hotel scenes. Image is amazing, particularly skin tones in that hotel. Awesome!

  • I saw this a while back and thought it was great. So much better than a lot of content an vimeo, but surprised it hasn't received a lot of love. Shows how the majority isn't always right or Vimeo Staff Picks aren't either.

  • Wonderful video, wonderful. I love it!

  • @matt_gh2

    Don't remember the specific patch, but the newer patches were better. Moon was better than that patch, had a lot of banding and little issues that we had to do a lot of fixing for.

    As far as the lenses, we used OCT18 lenses. We used an 18mm, a 28mm, and a 50mm. The 18mm was a 90's model and the other 2 were 70's models.

    Thanks for the comments. We are very happy with the way it turned out.

  • @josh_chiara Thanks for heads up on banding. We've been shooting 1970s lomos (28 & 50) over last year with Intravenus v2 for a feature and loving results. We're now prepping the shoot for our next feature and wanted to get a slightly different look with Lomos so we're testing different patches/settings now to try to find the best look.

  • Thanks for heads-up but Im good on lenses now. 18 is tempting though. Lol.