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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • "Thats a very nice start for a new GH2 adopter. Just remember to watch your ISO bugs as things can get a bit noisy on 320 / 640 ISO unless you switch down from a higher setting. And Welcome Aboard GH2 land! :-)"

    Is the noise does not disappear if the switch from 640 to 320!? I have just such a situation. Where can I read about it?

  • Hi guys! I am sorry for my English. Could you provide a link to a stable firmware with a bitrate of 176 Mb / s? Thanks!

  • thank you

  • which one is best for 25P ? Till now i only shot in 24p, but now for an event, tomorrow i have to shoot something in 25p (because there are 2 guys with a 5D markii... and we need the same FPS ) On this moment i have Canis Majoris night on my GH2.

  • this is my result with Cluster V4: that happened on different 24p shots, one after the other !??? SD 64GB-95MB, Tokina 28-70mm, trees in didnt happen on shots with my static reading son...

    Driftwood Cluster v4

  • @Benibube If you could let me have a mts file from any of those failures i'd liike that. Ive seen this before - buffer problems. I think I can fix this problem. Could you dropbox me asap. I also need to double check that your mts file repeats your problem thru my workflow. Thanks.

  • Mysteron Burst - thanks Nick - all clips out of cam - no edit

  • Very nice @Butt. Fluid as fuck and nice focus pull.

  • Hi@Butt 1:51PM beautifull shots, thank you..

  • got a music video shoot tomorrow. I can see Cluster v4 has problems. Can anyone recommend a safe 720 50p setting?


  • Cluster v4 720 is fine. Try it.

  • @driftwood but what about the corrupt files above with cluster 4?

    Is it possible for you to email me a Sedna A AQ1 and Cluster v4 720 together? So that way I don't have to keep re-loading the firmware between shots?

    Is the Cluster v4 720 50p better than Sedna A AQ1 720 50p?

    I will be shooting the rest of the video in 1080p Sedna A AQ1.

  • @driftwood, I was using cluster 4, 720p for a shoot. When I play in camera I get card error however, if I power off the camera and remove the card and insert it back again, those same 720p files that previously gave me a card read error played just find. (I'm using the 95mb 64gb extreme card)

  • Thats possibly a deficit in the buffers on hi detail - Ive just uploaded a 1 hour 10 minute span on Cluster v4 using Premiere Pro as the import (into AVCHD 24p sequence) which diidnt display any of those problems.

    However, viewing the original mts file span files in vlc, clipwrap and an import attempt into fcpx didn't work out or displayed some problems like Benibube's. I am of the opinion that certain proggies can handle and others can't. Yet, my import/export from PP was perfect.

    Playing the 'original mts' file back on some video players proved these proggies couldnt handle the GOP/bitrate - this is constant 116M remember!

    Longer GOPs are known to be quite taxing because of the processing time required to look at the b/p predictive fields/frames. Intra doesn't have that problem.

    I'm just going to do a outside test now on severe / dense trees in sunlight to see what the problem is and try to reproduce Benibube's problems.

    Hang in there and Ill be back soon with a report. Plus, Ill be looking at Sedna 720p versus Cluster's 720p.

    Its important to remember, both Cluster v4 and FlowMo v2.02 will stop recording if things get too taxing. Both will still write an mts file upto the recording stop point. Cluster 720p writes higher bitrates.

    True @HillTop1 That is the way to reignite the inner decoder - memory clear!

  • ok cool. I'm in Korea now and is 10pm. got crew call at 7am so anytime so will be looking at this post when i wake up.

    Also I noticed something interesting I have a PAL camera and shooting interior in 720p 50fps in Korea (NTSC Land) I have to put my shutter speed to 1/40 to stop the flickering. 1/60 the flickering was still there. Is this normal as the lights should be 60Hz?

    Should I change the option from PAL to NTSC in Ptools? Will that help?


  • @thougts2uk take a look at Cake 2.3 , I like Cluster 4 and FlowMotion 2.02 they have better handling for noise and saturation but i found most reliable Cake 2.3. @driftwood s settings are aimed for people who strive for top quality, not always spanning ...

  • PAL 25 HBR sucks, but 720p50 is safer than 720p60.

    The lights in Korea should be 60 Hz, so make sure you have the right exposure time.

  • @feha I have been using Cake 2.3 as well for more than a month now. I feel like it's an under-rated setting. If you are looking for image improvements with perfect reliability in all modes then Cake 2.3 is the only setting I know of currently that fits the bill. I use a 32GB Sandisk 30MB/s card and I have never had any stopped recordings in any mode.

  • @driftwood How can I tame Cluster v3? Does it work the same as Sedna (divide Frame Limit by 8 to get Frame Buffer 2?). I tamed Sedna to make it 100% reliable without card write errors on my Transcend 32GB cards and I want to do the same for Cluster v3, which is GOP 6 instead of GOP 1 so the same theory might not apply.

  • 1/ Here's the link to Cluster v4 BUSH Span test at one hour 10 minutes as proof it DOES span, is NOT corrupt, and works! This is Long GOP hi bitrate - most players or NLEs are NOT used to this sort of bitrate. Premiere Pro is the only NLE which can handle it, Vegas may do too.

    This is still undergoing HD mode conversion by YouTube. Watch the birds fly in at 14:10 mins in.

    2/ HBR 30p macroblock/tear test... does it? NO.

  • Format Your cards. It even works fine on a Sandisk 30Mbs card if freshly formatted. (And looks great. Seems it's a keeper. Thx ¡ )

  • @nomad, thanks. I sorted the problem. Just switch camera over to NTSC, and now the flicker is gone in both the 1/50 and 1/60 mode. Strange that. In PAL it was there in both the 1/50 and 1/60 so had to choose 1/40 but in NTSC both the 1/50 and 1/60 work no probs.

  • @driftwood Not true, FCPX plays the Cluster v3/v4 footage back just fine. Don't underestimate it.

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