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To NY people..
  • Since a fortunate turn of events, I'll be going to NY in a couple of weeks, staying for a month or more..

    I'm in need of an apartment (studio), good advice (where to get the best gear deals, equipment rentals e.t.c.) so I'll appreciate all the help I can get, on such short notice..

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  • Let me know if you need to know where to get some Red Sox gear to wear around the city.

  • Why not just offer up some Phillies gear? They're both cellar dwelling...

    Adorama has some decent rental rates. They're really good if you can get the gear back on time within 24 hours of pick up.

    Abel probably has the best kept stuff, but they can be pricey.

    CSI Rentals is ok, their place is a clusterfuck on Fridays, though.

    HandHeld Films is sorta dodgy, at times. I've been there twice to pick up reserved gear only to be given something else b/c they didn't have it. One time it was a soft fx filter. Wanted a 1/8th and they only had a 1/2!! Big difference.

  • hello world is my goto place. good rates. great people.

  • This is a good thread. I'll be up working for three weeks to a month starting on the 15th also and need to rent some gear!

  • Cheers guys! My internet connection has been down the whole week so hence the late reply..

  • I know a few of us are in NYC.... let's have a couple of meetups while @RRRR is here. Sometime in the second half of June. Anyone know any good pubs? I think @GoodEmpire might be back then too.

  • @RRRR Adorama Rental has really good prices.

  • @ahbleza, sounds nice! My schedule (I guess) will be less hectic before July.. perfect opportunity to have a pint or two. :)

  • In for a long as its not in Brooklyn!

  • @danabrams What's wrong with Brooklyn? :-)