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And what is this bullshit?

    Ban all Photography?Really? How will you implement that? What if I or anyone wants to take a picture of the subway or of our friends or your cameras?

    Isn't this a PUBLIC place funded by Glasgow commuters and tax payers? I really do wonder what you think we will be doing with our photographs and films SPT?

    As long as you don't invade someone privacy/personal space or, if you wish to take a photograph of a stranger just kindly ask then if it's okay with them to do so then then it should be okay to take whatever photograph or film you want. If they think playjg the whole terrorist card thing on this i think it's absolutley preposterous. If someone gets offended buy you having a mobile phone/camera or suspects you of infringing there personal space then WTF you are recording US too so you have the footage there to review if this is the case!!!!.

    Anyone from the public having a complaint with someone for having their smartphones/cameras can report this when they leave the subway station and have the footage (video/photographs) reviewed to see if it's acutely fact. Most times you will find this wont be the case. I have seen 100's of people with their phones and camera on the subway and never felt threatened by anyone with a phone or DSLR or seen anyone be threatened by a film maker or photographer.

    Don't know but with the number of smart phones out there (shit loads probably too many)that have wireless connectivity how will they police that? Your probably safer with a DSLR videographer/photographer as he's got less connectivity and is more likely to getnuisance fae bams !!! We are more likely to capture evidence than obstructing the law!

    Most importantly, we are hosting the Common Wealth Games and you really expect tourists not to to take fucking pictures? Get fucking REAL.. Anyway it's summer time :-) time to get on a bike and see the daylight SPT

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  • Yet the subway probably has CCTV cameras everywhere for surveillance! Maybe they want a monopoly on photography.

    It's getting the same way in North America too. I was stopped twice this week by security guards on a public sidewalk when I raised my camera to test it. Not even taking pictures or video. Everyone is paranoid since 9/11. You could be scouting locations for Al qaeda!

    Time to get an eyeball GH2!

  • It may be a King Canut exercise for authorities to try to stop the inexorable tide of people taking pictures with ever more devices - but, as a videographer yourself, having the law on your side won't protect your camera or yourself by violent action by targets who continue to feel outrage.

    As a TV journalist I had a Station ID emblazoned on my SP camera, the team members ran around with a clip-board & pen getting releases signed by bystanders, yet I still kept a loose lens hood handy to be ready for that aggro hand coming toward the screen warning of trouble. The disposable lens hood works like a gecko's tail, giving you seconds to get away with your camera intact but hoodless.

    Citizen journalists might take a leaf out of the book of the code of ethics which good journalists take for granted.

    When it comes to the new anti-terrorist regulations re photographing utilities, the above applies. But also, let's not forget that the staff have got their orders - however unenforceable - and they're stuck with them. Get friendly with the staff, ask first and you might just get that indy film scene in the Metro done with ease.

    Otherwise, you may think you've got away with a few photos - only to find yourself held without charge some other time.

  • There is no reason. Censorship is best done by oneself. accept for any sake that you should redefine your limit, shrink it usually, and the space you left free is there for others to use as they please. many apparent reasons can be presented to lead you in this direction. Who's afraid of what?

  • @Roberto the loose lens hood idea kept me chuckling all day. Brilliant! Bat that sucker right off and keep rolling... Like a fake nose in the boxing ring. With an sp camera on you're shoulder you're probably built like the hulk anyway. Personally, I dislike people shooting photos or video of me, because I often pick my nose when I think no one's looking. Seriously, banning photography is what the military does. So next- the painter with her easel will be extracted from the train. I'd rather just be blown to smithereens than have all this paranoia. Crikey! hhh code orange tourist attack warning. Bleep Bleep! Shutterbugs are go!