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Tiny computers with Android
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    Price : $76

    OS - Android 4.0
    CPU - Allwinner A10 / 1.5GHz Cortex-A8
    Memory - 512MB DDR3
    4GB Nand Flash
    Wireless 802.11b/g, WAPI(Ralink8188)

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  • Cool! At first I couldn't quite figure out what the advantage of a tiny computer with no inbuilt I/O was but for the price this is best way I've seen of conecting a TV into a wireless network. That's something I've heard people talk about and demonstrate for years and it never made sense to me. This is small enough and cheap enough, that with a wireless mouse and a small keyboard it starts to seem like a good idea.

  • @CrazyPete

    For example, this one an play FullHD video and even Blu-Ray quality 3D videos, has HDMI output.

    So you can make some Android software, insert SD card on site and it will show some information, like waveforms, etc. Not in real time, but also cool.

  • I've already got something similar , same SoC. It's called the MeLE a2000/a1000. Got xubuntu running on it. It can run several linux distro's ( Puppy Linux , Red Sleeve , Debian ). It comes with android 2.3 but there are 4.0 roms out there. The platform is almost as open as it gets for development and the device is completely unbrickable. Got it for 70 usd from AliExpress ( 100 usd with shipping to Romania ).

  • Btw. soon we'll see cheap two core versions, on RK3066, I think

    Tablets are already coming

  • Btw one thing to notice.
    Apple gap is closing fast.
    Simple Chinese tablets have standard 9.7" IPS or 10" IPS screens. Up to 1280x800. I think in few months we'll see FullHD ones.
    RK3066 is similar or faster than LSI for latest iPad (same 4 core GPU, same A9 2 core ARM CPU)

  • @VK ... Apple gap is closing fast ... Well considering that China makes all of Apple's stuff- you would have thought that it would have closed quicker... Maybe more to the point, companies are starting to 'care' about these sort of technologies... (similar to the RAW trend now...) Lets hope that they to don't f_ck it up... :)

  • you would have thought that it would have closed quicker

    It could, but last year Google had done trick with closing Androin 3.x.

    Well considering that China makes all of Apple's stuff

    China is assembling all the stuff. LSI is made by Samsung, displays by various companies, including LG.

  • The advantage of the Allwinner A10 is the fact that the platform is open for developers.

    Edit. Forgot to add that even for the Gpu ( Mali 400 ) there are opensource drivers.