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The Spanning List (settings that span)
  • I started this topic because I felt that there are a lot of patches out there, but who knows if they span. In situations were you have a patch but don't know which memory card to use.

    Please everyone list the patches you used and the memory card you used in a orderly manner, so that we know

    Make sure your 100% sure that its spanning on every mode if possible & include a small photo of the memory card.

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  • @chrimsbroome. Thepalalias has posted a list here that could be a good start.

    [Link removed]

    special thanks to Thepalalias

  • @vic20

    Google docs based tables are prohibited.

  • oops! sorry about this!

  • Was the link to the page or to the table?

    The page on my site that links to the table features an additional description to be read before consulting the table. No one had let me know about the prohibition in the weeks since I posted it. Is that because none of them went directly to the table?

  • @Vitaliy - can you think of something that we can use please. We don't want to go behind your back :)

  • Sanity 5 by Ralph B - for NTSC & PAL
    Spanning works with 24L, FH, SH & H modes.
    When spanning, do not go above iso 5000 and do not use
    ETC. Spanning works in HBR mode with third party manual
    lenses. Do not go above ISO 3200. Spanning does not
    work reliably in HBR mode when using Panasonic lenses.-------and--------Cake v2.3 by Balazer - designed for stability and spanning
    in 720p, HBR, 24p, and Variable Movie Mode - I tested both.I recommend Sanity .I think is better for panning

  • @chrimsbroome:

    I would suggest that a good approach is to augment your first post on this thread with the information gained from this discussion. That way you can also 'edit' relevant material in/out. Similar to what Driftwood does with his settings threads. etc. I do believe that this is important - as a 'one stop shop'.

    However - honestly mostly everyone here should be on 95mb 64gig cards now. And at least that would make it more manageable to tabulate... YMMV.

  • @alcomposer - A fair point but a speadsheet table would be easier that we can share but as Vitaliy pointed out he will just tell you to .... off with that.

  • Hi, can someone point me in the direction of a HBR 25p scanning hack, when using Panasonic and olympus 4/3 lenses, with 8gb Sandisk 30mb/s cards please? thanks, Jon

  • @chrimsbroome - as PV is running with Markdown there are a few fun things that can be achieved with this for sudo spreadsheet functionality. And as it will be on the first page of this topic then it will be 'very' easy to share... (and being moderated by someone that is interested in this is probably a good thing- otherwise it can get out of hand very easily!)...

  • @chrimsbroome balazers cake 2.3 spans on 720p, HBR, 24p, and VMM with Sandisk 32GB 30Mbps and 45Mbps and even on an older/slower Lexar 16GB and plays back

  • Sandisk Extream Pro 95 mb/s Read / 90 mb/s write - $140-159 B&H Photo Video USA

    Total Recording Time= 58 mins

    Driftwood- Orion 4D with 'Dark Matter' Matrix Spanning Results:

    These settings I was using Aperture Mode, Auto Mode and Manual mode (Not Manual Movie Mode!!)

    FSH 50i 1080i mode on non moveable object door nob = 6 min 30 seconds (82000) Kb/s NOT SPANNING

    FS 50i 1080i mode on non moveable object door nob = 6 min 30 seconds (82000) Kb/s NOT SPANNING

    SH 720p mode on non moveable object door nob = 14 mins or longer (66000 Kb/s SPANNING!!)

    24p Mode on non moveable object door nob= 7 mins or longer (139147) Kb/s SPANNING!!

    HBR Mode on non moveable object door nob= 6 Mins 31 seconds (82000) Kb/s NOT SPANNING

    It seems Sandisk Makes a difference and can span on 24p setting & 720p setting. I did these shots on a non moveable object and as you and driftwood know the encoder on the GH2 is pre-set to encode the frames in different stages and those stages are defined by movement and focal range + lots of complicated maths. I have yet to test ETC mode and I have understood that if you attache a manual lens you may get different results.

    As you can see you now have 24p for wedding shots / long video capture needs and 50i for documentarys that are at least 4-6 min per angle shot. You may find a reduce in the results if you attach a Panasonic 20mm F1.4 pancake lens- I cannot confim this

    I think I will stick to this patch for good since it does have great quality and sharpness.

    Happy days for film makers :)

    Update 16:40pm:

    After a test with a Sigma 150-500 lens it spanned passed the 4GB mark, so this may due to the fact that the sigma lens is not as sharp as the Panasonic lens and as I understand less details is being recorded. An interesting find and I will test the ETC mode. From Update 17:45pm (see below) this due to sensor ISO setting being over 400, maybe due to more stress on the sensor with it being 50 frams a second combined with a 400 or more ISO setting.

    Update 17:45pm

    Found something new and interesting (I had a few crashes when I went over 400 ISO like 640-1000 on FSH 50i mode):

    On FSH 50i mode it will span when you select Manual Movie Mode and on a ISO setting of 400

    On HBR 50i mode it will not span only record a maximum 6 mins and 30 secs video

    SH 720p Mode it will span when you select Manual Movie Mode and on a ISO setting of 400

    ETC FSH 50i Mode will not span only record a maxiumum 6 mins and 30 secs video + on a ISO setting of 400

    ETC 24p Mode will span when you select Manual Movie mode + any ISO from 100 -1000 or possibly more.

    It seems on 50i FSH mode anything above ISO 400 will either not span or will crash your camera. Even though this may seem a dis-advantage in low light condistions....remember this patch is a Dark Matrix patch, so it has better noise results than the original factory modes. You can always use 24p mode if you want to bump up the ISO (400 or more) for low light night video photography.

    I think a drink is in order don't you :)

    500 x 500 - 54K