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95MB/s Sandisk Extreme Pro cards
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  • Finally broke down and bought the 64GB 95MB/s card. However, I'm having issues using it. Loads, formats and shoots fine in camera. However when inserting the card into a card reader, my computer states that the card must be formatted prior to use. Otherwise, it won't even recongnize it. Obviously, doing so clears the card of all contents and losing any footage. Problem is when inserting the card back into the camera, it won't work as is. The camera gives a message that the card must be formatted prior to shooting. So camera formatting and computer formatting appearing to be conflicting with each other. And round and round we go. I normally never format via computer. In camera only. No issues on any prior cards (older transcends or sandisk 30MB/s). Read through everything here and didn't see any mention of others experiencing similar issues with this card. Am I overlooking something simple here?

  • @filthy It's more finicky than others cards - seems to have something to do with the 64GB aspect.

    Without knowing what card reader and OS you are using, it is difficult to give specific advice, but normally I just use a different card reader when I have a problem. That may actually be enough to solve it, but if it doesn't you can provide more details and someone may have more specific advice.

  • filthy, you need an SDXC card reader.

  • @filthy - my card works fine on either of these two readers, connected to the USB 3.0 hub and then into my video PC workstation (win 7 x64):


    It was also fine in my Vaio laptop that has an ancient built-in SD card reader. So I'd say something must be off in your setup?

    @leonbeas "its better to loose 32Gb of data due to whatever may happen, than 64GB. Did you have any problem with the sandisk SD cards?" - never had a problem with any SD cards. Except last week my Transcend 16Gb Class 6 became unreliable - it would not read in one of the USB readers after the umptieth long timelapse put on it with thousands of images each. Still, I was able to read it in another reader, got all images off of it fine, and just retired that card as a precaution.

    While I agree in general that smaller media size prevents large data loss... in practice... the problem is data management: if you have too many cards, it becomes a nightmare, especially on location. Then you get operator's errors and - guess what! - data loss :) So IMHO it is better to take a chance and have 2hr+ recording on this 64Gb bad boy, than to try and wrangle 32Gb cards !

    Price just fell by $15 !!

  • @filthy only 'new' OSs will read SDXC. (Example- Mac 10.5 won't - but 10.6 will)

    So don't be fooled into thinking that its a 'bad' card. 64 gig has been my most robust card... and with the $15 price drop I may get a few more... ;-) (Still Cheaper than SSDs!)

  • @mo7ies yes i've just put two of those 64gb cards in shopping list, its always better to have more than less, its an inversion.

  • alcomposer, no, only 'new' OSs support the exFAT filesystem. But when you use an SDXC card in the GH2, it gets reformatted in FAT32. This isn't an operating system issue. It's a host device issue. He needs an SDXC card reader.

  • Sorry @balazer, they are NOT reformatted to FAT32. They are formatted 'over' with FAT32, the underlying system is STILL exFAT. I had an older file system with a SDXC reader and it was not joy... :-( Plus this is stated in Apples release notes for 10.5 and 10.6 (I believe 10.6.4 is the first time SDXC is supported) YMMV

  • What do you mean the underlying system is still exFAT? exFAT and FAT32 are two different filesystems. A volume can only be formatted in one or the other.

  • @balazer going on experience the GH2 uses FAT32 on a SDXC card... however there may still be parts of the card that are exFAT... I am not a Memory specialist so I can't answer your questions. Suffice to say that I didn't have any love with my laptop and SDXC. There is always the possibility that I got this wrong. :-D In that case my bad. Can someone chime in Yay or Nay?

  • @thepalalias, @blazer & @mo7ies - Thanks for the tips. Tried and failed to transfer footage over on an old laptop running XP. Will have to run into town tomorrow to see if there are local options for newer card readers. If not, guess will be ordering online. Figured this kinda thing would happen in the middle of a week-long project!

  • guys sorry for the noob question, but I can't translate "Spanning" in my language, can you please briefly explain me what span is ? Thanks

  • ah nevermind, I just found the description in the FAQ ( )

  • @filthy I got that SDXC card reader a few months back:

    Works fine, although it was a bit cheaper then. YMWV.

  • Adorama has discount today for 16Gb 95Mb/s card

  • I saw a deal posted here for Sandisk 32 GB CF cards from B&H... I recall it expired on 04.25 --- did that message get deleted? I can't recall the specific terms of the deal, but I thought it was a 2 for 1 -- anyone remember?

    Also, when B&H make such offers, they seem to offer something called a "$100 rebate." What exactly is this, and how does one take advantage of it?

  • Can anybody confirm if Driftwood- Orion 4D with 'Dark Matter' Matrix spans on a SanDisk 64GB SDXC Memory Card Extreme Pro 90 megabit card ???

    I am thinking of getting this card for my holiday and need to get more than 4-6 mins per shot.

  • Yes, all Orion settings span on this card (as far as the 24fps mode is concerned).

  • Just bought Sandisk 8Gb 95Mb/s card, write speed is 14Mb/s, pity:(

  • I have got a problem with the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95mb/s 32gb. The card is write locked and I can't copy new firmware on this card. The lock swith is up, so why does it keep telling me that i can't copy firmware onto it ? Because of this problem I can't format the card. Anyone else with this problem?

  • Anyone tried 45mb/s 128GB from SanDisk ?

  • Still very keen to know of ANY REPORTS WHATSOEVER regarding Sandisk 128GB 45Mbs on the GH2 (e.g. spanning, camera playback, success with various patches etc)

  • DO NOT POST ANY DEALS in this topic, use proper one in Marketplace.

  • Also very curious as to how the 128GB cards play with the GH2 running various patches.