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G3 hack plans?
  • Hi all,

    Does anyone know if the G3 is likely to be hacked (to provide things like manual control for video, and maybe 1080 50/60p)?

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  • @Winterdune

    Don't know. May be in the future.
  • Thanks Vitaliy.
  • Sorry, I searched for G3, but nothing came up.
  • @pomoville

    It is ok.
    Search in this forum engine is completely fucked.
    I hope to replace it by google driven search soon.
  • I'm very keen on the on the G3 getting hacked, mainly to get an English menu on my Japanese model, so here is my +1.

    Please let me know if there is any way I can help.
  • Just registered to vote in on getting the G3 hacked. Maybe its possible to setup a vote / donation to get it started?
  • Hack for G3 - Go!
  • I'm also interested. Will make a small donation if it can be done. The G3 is so compact, I just had to buy it but would really like some more video functions.
  • Any chance that the release of the new firmware helps to get a hack for the G3?
    Well if they release it again after having fixed that bug...
  • Hi.

    I'd love to see more manual controls + a 1080 24p video mode. Willing to donate ~$20.
  • It is good idea to wait for fixed firmware.

    Otherwise it'll be same as with GH2, as it'll require dumping.
  • Hello Vitaliy, I'm new here, but ought to say you and your team are doing great job!

    I'm also very interested in G3 hack, at least language unlock is a must for me. Considering buying japanese one, so at least a certain possibility confirmation is needed. G3 fw1.2 is out, so...?
  • I'm too considering buying a G3. As the firmware update is out the dumping isn't necessary or is it?
  • @zigizigi

    >the dumping isn't necessary or is it?

    It is necessary. Firmware is encrypted, to decrypt it you need physically dumped firmware.
  • There are $400 Japanese bodies on the ebay plus $60 worldwide shipping:

    How many are required for dumping? How much cash does the community need to raise to facilitate the project?
  • Two bodies (one for dumping, one for testing).
    Do not rush, please. I'll inform about start of this project.
  • Yay!!! Where to donate? Or just use the general site donate option? Money is kinda tight, that's why I'm on a G3 rather than GH2, but I still feel the G3 is way underestimated and held back by its firmware.
  • I'm willing to take part of this project. Please let me know when the project is about to start so I can donate for the project.
  • Would not be bad to have full video control on a G3. They are pretty cheap body only right now. But what is the video quality like on G3 compared to GH2? Does it have the same engine? Too bad they ripped the mic in out of the G series.
  • im curious to know aswell how it compares to the GH2 in terms of the video quality, the stills are very good compared to GH2 less noise aswell. im thinkin of upgrading bodies soon from G2, i was lookin at the G3 but without manual control its not good
  • +1, I just ask my friend to buy a G3 for me from Japan this Christmas. I known Japanese, but I hope the language is Chinese.
  • G3 is next in line.
    But first it'll be porting for GH2, then GF2+GF3.
  • Thanks for keeping us up to date. So GH2, GF2 and GF3 first, then G3!?
  • What will be the hack like? Manual control for video? It will be great if that's the case.
  • Thanks Vitaliy!

    Great to hear the GF3 is on the list :) imagine pocketable VK hackedness!
    I feel a donation coming on! :0)
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