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Sony NEX 5N or Panasonic GH2?
  • Hello!

    I'm very new to DSLR's and I'm looking at these two cameras to shoot video with. The subjects I record will be very close to the lens (a few inches away) so I will need something that can take jaw dropping footage.

    The Sony is a bit less expensive than the GH2 but which would you guys recommend and why?

    Thank you!

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  • Here most are owners of GH2. :-)

    Plus NEX is not suitable for taking any long footage due to overheating. You must take it into account.

    And consider the lenses you want. E-Mount does not have many lenses yet.

  • I have both the Nex 5n and GH2..

    I got the Nex 5n specifically for 1080 60p, for slow motion.. GH2 can't do 60p @1080, other than that the GH2 is my primary camera for video, personal and professionally, we have a pair of hacked GH2 at work.

    now for a general still and video camera for the average consumer I'd choose the Nex. Great all around general consumer camera.. but for real video work, hands down get the GH2 and hack it.. that is the thing that makes the GH2 a competition killer.

    BTW.. The GH2 as a still camera is nice also.

  • I´m only working with the Nex 5n right now, but @Ebacherville has right! the GH2 is a better video camera than the Nex 5n.

  • I think I read somewhere that 720@60p on hacked GH2 is about as sharp as 1080@60p on the 5n. I liked my 5n when I had it, but GH2 is significantly better for video.