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How do you combine GH2 23.976 fps footage with GF2's?
  • Do you run GF2 at 25 or 29.97 fps? Any workflow tips? I'm on a PC (Premiere Pro + AE).

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  • Do you want your final artifact at 23.976 or 29.976 fps? Either is fine. Just your choice.

  • @stonebat I want 23.976 fps with no speed change. I tried adding 29.97 fps and 25 fps footage to a 23.976 sequence, that results in skipped frames. Tried exporting native 29/25fps sequences to 23.976 fps with "frame blending" - that looks like $hit too. I have no clue what I'm doing :\

  • You won't get good results converting between 24 fps and 30 fps, except using some motion compensated frame rate conversion software like Twixtor or InterFrame, which are also imperfect. I suggest making your target format 60 fps, which will support 24 fps and 30 fps cleanly, so long as you're not uploading to YouTube or Vimeo. There is no frame rate low enough to be usable that will support 24, 25, and 30 fps material together. In general, try to make your different cameras shoot at the same frame rate.

  • The only way to make it not look like crap is run it through a teranex. Worked on many shows shot and cut in 23.98 but needing to use 29.97 stock. Teranex is the only pro solution, but both avid and ae will do a better job than FCP at making it passable if you can't afford a teranex... which isn't that expensive so long as you only teranex the footage you use in your cut.

  • You could slow down the 25 FPS footage to 23.976 if you could live with 4% slower action.

  • @balazer @JDN @Meierhans

    Thank guys, running some tests to see how speed tricks affect the quality.

    GF2 duplicates frames in 720p60, there is no real 60 fps, sensor output is 30 or 25, that's it. The only option is to run both GH and GF at 30 I guess. Suxxx, I like GH2 @ 24.

  • Yeah, I've found no good way of combining GF2 and GH2 footage to get a 24fps final product. Better options are to record 30fps on GH2 (using 80% VMM mode give same quality as 24p, but with no audio to help with sync; otherwise you can use HBR 30psf), or shooting 720/60p on the GH2 and cutting it with 1080/30p on the GF2. This matches resolution between the two cameras better, and gives you the added option of slow-mo on the GH2 footage.

    Otherwise you can go for a 60i final product, shooting 24p on GH2 and using 3:2 pulldown to get 60i, and cutting it with 30p from GF2 which you can double up for 60i.

  • Thanks @KeithLommel, very good tips.

  • @ssh I think Balazer meant if you film at 23.98fps on the GH2 and 29.97fps on the GF2 you can place the footage into a 59.94fps sequence. (The 29.97fps will be frame doubled, and the 23.98fps will probably be converted using 3:2 pulldown).

  • @sam_stickland @balazer

    Just tried 24 and 30 fps footage in a 60 fps sequence - worked very well!

  • From experience, it never makes sense to try and conform 30fps to 24fps because you're actually removing information which ends up making your footage suck. Up-converting the 24fps footage is the way to go.

  • How about switching to PAL and 25 frames on the GF2 then confirming that to 24p?

  • Agree with Matthere. Record with both cameras at 25p, edit on 25p timeline, render out a 25p master, then conform the final render to 23.976p in the bin. I've done this many times (with my hacked HV20) and it is hardly noticeable difference.