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Most recommended zoom lenses for m43, including not native
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  • @rockroadpix

    Declicking the Tolinas is easy. They use a recessed bearing and spring. You just have to work out how to take off the electrical contact pins by working out the best angle etc. you shouldnt need to take much of the lens apart at all. I declicked all my own lenses, and the Tokina was no harder. Only thing with the zoom lenses to remember is that you need to align both apperture and focus sticks perfectly so they engage the internal leavers. Zoom are harder due to the restricted space available inside.

  • I lied, I went with the Tokina 24-70 2.8 ATX Pro II. LOVING IT!

    Nice build and sharp. I need to get it geared and de-clicked...

    @Donnie88 - have you found your dream lens yet? :D Even the Angie Optimos only open up to a 2.2 . Having that fast of a zoom and planning to manually pull focus is counter-intuitive.

  • 20mm 1.7. If you don't have this lens, you haven't taken advantage of the m43 sensor.

  • Based on what you're asking around 2.0 would be the panasonic 2.8 if not you have to settle for the Olympus lenses.

  • @Donnie My recommendation is to stop wishing for someone to give away their lenses. What you're asking for is unreasonable.

  • @Donnie88 The 14-35 has a good manual focus ring (friction coupled). The 35-100 is focus by wire (ok to use by hand but not repeatable for FF work).

  • Wait until someone builds it or the suggested ones are coming down on the second hand market …

  • Goodness me, just saw the price for that lens! I wouldn't want to go over £800 for a lens guys.


    • Manual Focus
    • Covers wide to mid focal lengths
    • Around f/2.0
    • Fits natively onto the GH2 - without an additional adaptor.

    Anyone have any recommendations?

  • @Psyco - Is the Olympus Zuiko 14-35mm and 23-100mm manual?

    I forgot to mention, manual focus is essential - I have no interest in auto-focus

  • The tokina 11-16 will be my next piece o glass.

  • Olympus Zuiko 14-35mm F2.0 and 35-100mm F2.0

  • My be some PL mount zoom for $30000?

  • 7-14, 14-140, 100-300.

  • magnus387 - I think the f/2.8 is a put off for me, I'm after something faster. At least F2.

    Rambo - Haven't been too impressed with the 14 - 140mm stuff that much, looking for something that's even better. Also I'll be shooting with manual focus.

    Cheers for the suggestions though guys.

    LPowell - That list has some interesting zoom lenses. Any that can open wide to f/2?

  • Here's a link to a thread with details on a wide variety of video-friendly lenses for the GH2:

  • lpowell has taken some great vid with his Leicasonic. I personally like the Kobori 28-200 which you can pick up for $35. And recently I shot some vid with the Olly 45-150. But the vid just does not look like primes, so in the absence of a good, fast zoom I recommend getting a camcorder as a second cam with a fast lens, focus and exposure tracking.

  • Panny's 14-140 if you're shooting outdoors and also want AF and OIS.

  • I just bought an old Sigma 28-70 F2.8 in canon FD mount, and it hasn't left my camera since. It's a little bit long on the wide-angle side (I'd really prefer it to be 14mm or 16mm), but for $100 it's got an amazing cinematic image. I can upload some footage if you want.