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Manual VS Automatic setting
  • What Video DSLR setting on "Fast video documenter" that should be shoot at any condition light(variable light condition) but you cannot change your manual video setting as fast as possible, Or "Automatic Setting" is the best way?

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  • It is very hard to understand that you mean.
  • @kool
    There is no best "Automatic Setting" because camera doesn't know what know what you really want. You have to know what you want to obtain . Of course there are different to facilitate, p.e. auto iso, priority shutter mode but nothing is perfect and for me most of the time- useless. If You want best auto mode -buy camcorder I thin so
  • sorry vitaliy.. before i buy my gf1 i had sony camcorder.. they are perfect for documentary videos, never to sett the iso, shutter, everything is fast, now i had one panasonic gf1 i must to sett everything.. in the dark area the setting is different from cloudy outdor.. whether there general setting for exemple wedding videos documentary?
    thanks "mihuel"

    i mean "is automatic setting the best way to shoot documentary than manual setting? "