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Jason Russell aka "Kony 2012" author
  • Has anyone else noticed that the founder of "Invisible Children Inc." was caught spanking it in public and acting like an all around lunatic? I warned people about this guy, but they didn't listen.

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  • Dang, where can I get some of the shit this guy is on?

  • The big question I have is what picture profile did they use on this? :)

  • I don't think this is a meltdown it looks more like a hallucinogenic reaction.

  • haha..I have to admit, I laughed my ass off when I saw this on the news, especially when he pounds the pavement. I feel bad for his son though, who I'm sure is going to catch a lot of grief over this from classmates, friends, etc..

  • @mythmaker I don't know but I'm kinda disappointed at the lack of detail in some of the shadows. Highlights aren't that great either.

  • Judging by Jason Russells own high production values I reckon he's going to be pretty peeved with that shaky handheld footage.

  • I was quite interested in Kony 2012, but about 10 mins in I thought this so up your own ass documentary.

    I am sorry but I have lived in Africa for 15 years and if you tried it once you cannot teach a old dog new tricks. How many times have you been coned from Africa?, how many e-mails can you count that have talked about send me 3 million dollars to me because I am poor an cannot afford to go to school and spell this e-mail write (Lol not me)

    Africa will never change because they don't want too and its not because of money!!

  • When will we get back to directors acting dignified Woody Allen and Mel Gibson...and of course, the great Roman Polanski.

    Bring back the pride!

  • That was a very funny one, thanks! LOL

  • Oh well.

    He doesn´t do the gay community a favor.

  • Chrimsbroome, you're 100% right.

  • I think Mel Gibson is great.

  • Hate to bring bad news, but it looks like KONY II, the sequel is delayed. Hearts are no doubt breaking all over PV.

  • Any publicity is good publicity, you all watched it didn't you.

  • I support that the guy who's trying to do this but it seems it back fired on him the first time:

    Then he had a brake down which was weird.

  • Try harder than that, isn't creative in the least bit. I'm tempted to start a fake bostonmike account and just cut and paste racist cliches to save you some time.

    It's like making the old potato and a six pack joke about an irishmen...time to try something new!

    And give the Kony dude a break. he was obviously masturbating for charity!

  • Wow, classy with a K!

  • There has got to be a video somewhere, where they have run out of beer. I am wondering who we would see in line.

  • Popeyes is delicious, I'd be pissed off too.

  • Some message boards have an "ignore" feature. Might be worth looking into, VK.

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