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Good deals: Olympus PEN E-PL1 Micro 4/3 Digital Camera & 14-42mm, $199 BIN
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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    These will make great helmet cams!

  • Thanks!

  • I just picked up a brand new E-PL1 body from Amazon for $149, shipped. What a planet! I had one of these, and always regretted selling it, so I went for the deal--it makes a great travel camera. If only there was a hack for the video. It takes really great photos, and the built in flash can be bounced of the ceiling or wall. The built in flash has a very good fill flash feature as well, for just a hint of light. But the icing on the cake is adding IS to all my lenses. Has the best base ISO except for the new Olly, and great OOC jpegs.

  • Amazing price for that camera. The video is decent as well, but not in GH2 territory.

  • @Vitaliy_Kieslev

    Thanks! I ordered from the first batch and received an E-PL2 instead. The factory made the mistake the box was labeled E-PL1 but the serial number matched the camera

  • Nice! EPL2 for the price of an EPL1. LOL. $149 and fits in your pocket.

    Got my box today, but was only an EPL1. That's OK, because the EPL1 takes the best photos of all the m4/3 cams except for the EM5. Doesn't have some of the pro features, though. Mine was $149 including shipping--deal from Cameta's site. Shipped FedEx. Came in a plain white box. Is it new or is it a refurb? Who knows, who cares. Looks brand friggin new and has a warranty. Ordered a $6 spare battery from eBay that is almost twice the stock battery mah--2000 mah, should be able to shoot all day. Impressions? Small, compact, takes great photos. Photos are better than the GH2 IMHO. Better color, sharper. Rocks with the 45mm. Like, wow, that is sharp. Sharp, sharp, sharp. Pointy. Sharper than the 20mm panny, which BTW is sharp.

    You really have to snap on a top lens to see how sharp this cam is.

    Focus is a bit slower than the GH2. Hey, for $149.

    What I really like about this came is the popup flash. I know that is ridiculous, but it is handy. You can bend it with your finger to bounce of the wall, ceiling, and direct for powered down fill flash. This is the best fill flash I have ever used on a camera, if you just want a tiny bit of extra light. Plus, you can control your potato masher with it, if you have one.

    Video? The video is fine. Not GH2, not hackable, not 24p, but fine. AND with my trusty Olympus adapter I can plug my two Schoeps mics right into the flash/utility port and get 16 bit PCM stereo sound. How cool, you could use it as a stereo recorder.

    The Gravy? Pop any old legacy lens on there and get the built in IS. Epic. Summicron, Nikkor, Rokkor, Vivitar 55 macro and 90mm macro with IS. Oink. Gotta figure a way to get my Rollei Box cam lens on there.