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Eyecup for EVF. $5.40 only.
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  • Brian...last time...its made to use with GH1 (this camera is still used by many people btw) and very usable. NOBODY mentioned GH2 on this thread.
    Just chill remember to research to come up for a alternative for GH2...then spread the word instead of badmouthing what we can use on the GH1. Its more productive for others and you.
  • Believe it or not I used to own a GH1, to be honest I'd thought the two cams had very similar or identical vf's. About the GH1, you can buy them under $400 brand new. Even unhacked, that's just a brilliant deal.
  • Buy one so your eyecap is no longer useless.
  • Buy one so your eyecap is no longer useless.
    Excellent idea. Sounds like win win.
  • This eyecup doesn't work for me. if I put it up to my eye I can't see the whole screen. I need one with a bigger hole or one that brings my eye closer to the camera.
  • Okay folks...I recently got a GH2 and used the same mod and it works well enough.
    I can JUST see each edge of the EVF.
    What do you expect for a cheap solution? Its either this or stick with trying to see the evf in bright sunlight.
    Or just find a bigger eyecup...theres loads on ebay.
  • @brianluce @Rambo @Brian202020

    Stop crying over $5.

    I press little w/ my eye. When it's center positioned, I can see all edges of the EVF screen. It worked ok in bright sunny day. No light leaking. I was able to tell CPL filter at its max.

    ebay sells LCD viewfinder with some magnification. They chop off the edges. Cheap ones don't have diopter either. Also LCD resolution is lower than EVF.

    HDMI EVFs like Cineroid EVF work great. $800.

    You could try a permanent mod solution if you are ok with voiding the warranty.

    If you are crafty, make your own. But I highly doubt your capability.

    Oh I have a better solution. Ask someone else to build it for you. Then wait for months. Haha.
  • Wish GH3 has a proper eyecup holder... then they would charge $100 for a stupid eyecup.
  • Haha Yeah Panasonic probably would charge that for a little eyecup!
    ...Im looking around old charity & camera shops as some of these old cameras (even ye olde camcorders) may have a large eyecup to experiment with.
  • See Olympus. $100 hood for 12mm 2.0.

    Hope you find a good eyecup. If I can find a right metal sheet, I will just cut it.
  • stonebat - I love the eyecup! It works great on my GH1 and GH2. I made two mods to it though. I opened up the hole with a Dremel tool to maximize the view of the EVF. I also trimmed the rubber down and fitted it to my skull better which also moved my eye closer to the EVF, which I like.

  • @evanflys Glad it worked out for you. Do you mind uploading a pic of yours? The first mod sounds interesting.
  • I couldn't find a clean way to do the bungee cord like you did so I just drilled 2 more holes and threaded it over the top. I have a knot up in front. It works great on my GH1 and GH2. Not on my G10 however as it's a bit too big.
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    eye cup (2 of 2).jpg
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  • Thanks. I'm going to copy you.
  • "Stop crying over $5."

    Not crying at all, just trying to find a inexpensive solution for me. Maybe my eye is recessed in my skull more than yours, but pressing on it doesn't work for me.
  • Stonebat, I like the rig you've got there, have you got a contact e-mail for berkeysystem? Their online contact form doesn't work right, and I never have the time in the evening to call (diff. time zone). I wouldn't post this question here but I've asked around everywhere already
  • @rambo"Stop crying over $5."

    Me neither i bought one an love it, you probably got a kickback for all the sales damn you stone$$$bat :-)
  • @lunelson Weird... I replied to u the other day. Try

    @rambo No kickback :)

  • @stonebat did you thread the hair band over the top like evanflys? Could you post some pics of other angles to show how it is attached? Thanks.
  • i just received this eyecup, and i was wondering if you guys use any adapters (canon, olympus,nikon or pentax) that came along, please?
    as i saw above, there are some mod's made for using this eyecup on the GH1. can you tell me what to do?
    thanks a lot
  • HeY All!

    Just got my GH2 a week ago, and found this thread today after discovering EVF light leak the first time I shot video outside in daylight.

    I had an eyecup solution for my Nikon D200 that I created from a microscope eyepiece eyecup that was purchased on eBay, and I tried it just now on my GH2 and it works!

    I suspect the rubber eyecup itself is a $5 US part that is made in China, but the only place online I have found it, or at least something that looks exactly the same, is on eBay for $27.60.

    As of today 2012-02-12 it is eBay item 260955293372. The seller is unbeatablesales, and it is being sold as ProVision SLIPVEG1 Eye Cup for Provision Scopes.

    The one I have just stretches (tightly!) to slip over the existing GH2 eyecup, with no modifications required to the rubber part, or to the GH2, or to the original eyecup - which is left in place.

    The LCD screen opens and closes without removing the eyecup, and the EVF sensor still works fine to turn the EVF on when my eye is on the eyecup. There is no attaching hardware, nothing on the hotshoe, and no rubber-band(s).

    The add-on eyecup would have to be removed to change the diopter setting of the evf, but I just set that once and do not expect to change it again. If I had to, all it takes is stretching the add-on eyecup to remove it, and then stretching it again to put it back on after adjusting the diopter setting.

    I make no guarantees that the eyecup on eBay is exactly the same as mine, but $27.60 is at least risk-able as a test someone might make... Mine works for me, so I won't need to find out if that new one is the same until I get my second GH2 body ;-)

    I hope this helps somebody!

    photo (9).jpg
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  • @stonebat where did you buy this gun-like handheld tool for the camera on the photo, do you have any link?

  • Hi peeps!

    Inspired by Stonebat's eyepiece, I wanted to do the same, but as it turns out, the eyepiece is rather small. Not only does it block the EVF a little bit on the sides when you look through - maybe I will try to fix that later by abusing a soldering iron - it's also too small, at least for my eye-sockets. The rubber piece cuts into my skin and doesn't manage to cover the whole eye as you would expect from a normal, professional viewfinder. So I got myself a Bluestar eyepiece, the soft microfiber thing. But that is too big and the small eyepiece does not fit entirely, slipping out all the time...



    I had to come up with a little bit of tinkering and worked out a way to make the cushion fit the eyepiece and thus not only cover the whole eye without any spill, it would do it with the highest possible comfort. I basically cut out plastic pieces from a quick-binder back and made two flat funnels image


    It is DIY and has its negative sides, but it works and it works better than any other solution I tried and have seen. I also had only white sticky tape and might redo it again with black tape and mabe a better shape to get closer to the hole, because the further away you are, the less of the EVF you can see.

    Overall, it may not be the best solution, but at least it is comfortable. I might redo it and refine it a bit, make the funnel flatter, maybe sacrificing the rubber eyepiece and cut it a bit, so it flattens too. That way, I might get closer to the viewfinder again and not compromise the field of view.


    I still think that it would be great to have a proper eyepiece replacement. There are small screws there on the bottom of the original EVF of the GH2... it should be somehow possible to make a replacement piece with a proper large eyepiece...

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  • That's good as long as it works. I can't tell if Gh3 is any better.