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Exactly what is the deal with version numbers when hacking the GH2?
  • I'm going to hack my Panasonic GH2 and been reading up on the process for quite some while now so I won't screw up my camera. Two tutorials that I've been looking at are this ( and this (

    Now, everything seems pretty straight forward except when I read about naming and version incraments. That is, there seems to be two things mentioned when talking about version number and version incrament: 1) A setting you make inside PTools where you specify the version incrament. 2) The actual name that you decide for your bin-file that you suqsequently place on your SD card.

    For example, the first tutorial above mentions the following:

    Step 5: Select Save Firmware and save it as GH2__V1x , the x can be any number from 0 – 9 just don’t over write the original firmware!

    When they say "over write the original firmware", what exactly do they mean? The firmware I already have on my camera? In that case, does it matter if it's already hacked or not? Or are they talking about my firmware file that I've downloaded? In that case, why can't I overwrite it? Shouldn't I just be able to download it again if I want to?

    The other tutorial mentions the following:

    8) If the “Version increment” box in ptool isn’t checked, click on it and check it.

    This isn't mentioned in the first guide. Why not? What will happen if I don't?

    All this really confuses me. Could somebody give me a clear explanation why this (apparently) is such a big deal? If nobody would havve mentioned anything about all this, I would have imagined that the only thing you needed to do was to load a bin-file onto you camera which will overwrite all old settings and software each time you do it, and that's it. However, it doesn't really seems like that's the case.

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  • @speldosa, You can put the version increment to 10 instead of 1 that means you can change the version up to 2 figures as I understand it. The thing to remember when you save a version number like GH2__V11.bin you have to put the next number in order for the camera to understand that its a NEW FIRMWARE. Make not of that number so that next time you put the next number up say for example GH2__V12.bin.

    Hope that helps

    An you cannot damage the camera because it uses RAM so it can be writen to as long as you want. However its the most important process of any device, so make sure you don't pull out any power cable or let the battery go flat because then its a problem.

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