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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 2: Sedna A, B, C
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  • @Daegor, have your tried cluster with Aq1? Can you post that if you do try?

  • @driftwood

    Please make new topic, as I'll close this one soon due to 1K posts. :-)

  • @Vitaliy I am too of sick of all this talking its just taking the piss now

  • Hi guys. Shooting a music video in a couple of weeks. Which is the best settings to use with no strange artifacts?

    Sedna A AQ1 ORION 4vb ORION 4d with Dark Matter C

    Will be using voigtlander 25mm, stock 14-42.

    Thanks in advance for your help :)

  • For a music vidéo my choice is: ORION 4vb

  • Shot one this weekend with both Sedna and Orion 4b. If I could only have 1 it would have been Orion (more stable)

  • Where are the Dark Matter and version Orion4B patches? Also, what's the best way to know if these are working? thanks

  • Orion rocks in 720, and that is definitely a useful thing to rock in and looks very good in 24p. HOwever, in 24p, sedna looks amazing. I have been running sedna a aq1, but I changed AQ to 2. Stable on 64 GB 95 m card and looks great. I can't tell any difference between stock aq1 a and the version with the setting i changed.

  • Quantum X v4d Orion 'Dark Matter' V3, 720p50, 1/100, Smooth -2 -2 0 -2, ISO 1600, AWB. Underexposed footage one side of the track, colour correction overload...

  • @kihlian not possible yet. I don't know how to operate video editing software yet. I just downloaded FCPX and premiere pro and I have no idea how to use either one. I am an audio guy by trade so this shouldn't be too crazy to figure out, just need to spend some time on it.

  • @driftwood is it possible to apply audio settings to cluster?

  • "very sensitive audio hack" means the settings has been optimized by Per Lichtmann to bypass the interal AGC as far as possible, the 4 levels are now much further away from each other, starting pretty low for those who use external preamps up the level 4 which is very sensitive, overall giving more range, and the indicators now give more useful visual feedback.

  • Sedna A Q20, nostalgia, -2,-2,+2,-2, AWB
    Color corrected with colorista
    Resolution is amazing! Dark area is very clean!

  • B/W with Orion v4b, color shots with golgop3-13

  • @RRRR Beautiful film, wonderful.

  • @WhiteRabbit nice, you had to reduce noise in post?

  • Just some birds. Straight out of cam. Orion v4b. Pany 14-140. Setings i do not remember.

  • @Kihlian, thank you very kindly for the positive feedback. I do not consider the content on par with the testing going on and displayed in this thread. No noise reduction applied. Just Colorista II applied, using primary, and secondary to achieve the vignette, add a few stops of exposure to the darker shots and the general tone/look in the 3-way, and the master to play with the curve. Whilst not scientific, just a hunch, since I shoot this same area every few weeks, I felt that Quantum X v4d Orion 'Dark Matter' V3 720p50 had less noise than usual, using the driftwood patches evolving along the way. Not sure if Dark Matter is coded into 720p patch. ISO 1600 has been the sweet spot for low light, yet I must shoot aperture fully open at f/2.8 at this location. I prefer to shoot at around f/5.6, then I need to go to ISO 3200 and push further in post, and the noise is more apparent. Tempted to try Sedna on Wednesday, however, I am recording in an area where I am fighting against the dark matter. @RRRR, cool! Couldn't help but have a flash of Eraserhead cross my mind while watching. I'll have to pull out my Lomo's, awesome glass.

  • shut a music video this weekend with sedna Q20 A, with a combination of AF101 and 5D. Didn't have any problems with sedna in terms of stability. Will post some stuff up later.

  • @WhiteRabbit Thanks for all the useful information, I also have to shoot in low light next week. Are you saying that ISO 1600 is the less noisy in low light? Look forward for your impressions of sedna in low light. I actually use sedna on 50p in bright light is superb!

  • @driftwood are u off for a while sir? Didn't see any reply from u past 24hrs.

  • @Rafa I really liked your sky shots as well as the water fall from the plant. The thunder also sounded very good. The thunder alone has convinced me to give Sedna a try tomorrow.

    off/on topic, I know it will never be read by those that keep moaning, but if you have anything less than a SANDISK class 10 card you probably shouldn't even post about card read errors with Sedna, since this is not a patch made to work with all cards. It is a patch made to optimize the potential of the camera so long as you use THE RIGHT CARD. I'm sure I am not the only one sick of seeing the threads getting clogged with these comments.

  • My first experience with Orion 4Vb.

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