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Legal Question: BIN Files vs. .INI Files
  • In the same day I recently had several people ask me whether I could provide pre-compiled .BIN files for them (clients, friends, etc.) and I realized that I hadn't seen them posted online before - only the .INI files.

    My question is, is there a legal reason for this? Is it acceptable for me to host a .INI file of the audio settings I've helped cultivate since October but not to post a .BIN file with them applied? Or is it simply that everyone here would rather get hands on with the files themselves (which I can easily understand :)?

    I don't want to inadvertently create problems or friction and don't have the expertise to decipher the situation without input.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts on the matter!

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  • I wouldnt do that. Thats Panny's stuff.

  • Noted. I won't host the .BIN files then. :)

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