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GH2 hack 2K footage with Samyang lens
  • With the help of the tutorial of eyepatchproductions, here is a clip at 2K that i've posted on Youtube. I am impress by the quality of the Samyang lens.

    I just received my Red 17-50mm Prime lens i am now waiting for the adapter to fully test it on the GH2

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  • @cinfx, great quality, what is the lens "Samyang" type , size ?

  • impressive, how did you achieve 2k?

  • Looks like the 85mm f/1.4 to me.

  • @cinfx- yes please tell us, I believe its something to do with using Sony Vegas and then outputting as 2K format rather than HD. Am I right?

  • Hey guys, the MFT to PL adapter just arrive, i'll test it tomorrow with the Red Prime lens. For this clip, the lens is a Samyang 85mm 1,4. I am really impress by this lens. Their 35mm also is impressive but the 14mm is a bit less sharp. But fr the price ? Anytime !

    No color correction, nothing.

    For the HD to 2K, i just open a 2K project in Vegas 11, drop my footage in it and output in MainConcept MP4 in 2K. I have some troubles outputting in 4K, but i'll find a way.

    My clips are all around 135 mbps so, blowing it in 2K is just a breeze. I don't see a lot of degradation from the AVCHD original clip. And if you upload it on Youtube at 2K, your gonna have the best quality around.

    Sorry for my bad english, it's hard to be french sometimes !

    Have a good weekend guys. Any other questions are welcome


  • woaw (et je compatis, cher compatriote !)

  • Hi, Cinfx. I have been told the GH2 is a good option for a budget conscious student looking to get into film making. I have a question about this video: You say you converted the HD file to a higher 2k res file...

    To me, in audio terms, that seems the same as converting a lossy mp3 to a wav file - giving you a different file type but the same/less quality in the I right?

  • It is just unnecessary conversion. No reason to do such thing.

  • @subco

    Looking at the text in the video, it is not MJPEG.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    The idea is that compression has less of an impact on the footage because of the bigger resolution. Any potential artifacting will be scaled down.

  • I really like the Samyang 85mm too, my excellent old Rokkor 85mm 2.0 only leaves the shelf these days if I don't need the extra stop and weight is an issue.

    But regarding your upscaling: Sorry, but that's a bad idea. Any upscale to such close values (like 1920 to 2048) needs complicated interpolation and is introducing softness and/or artefacts.

    @P4INKiller Maybe you have confused things here? Working with compressed footage in a larger bit-depth in post (like 32 bit float in CS6 or DaVinci Resolve) is a good idea. But upscaling? Condensed orange juice filled with water to 100% doesn't make it freshly squeezed either ;-)

  • I upscale my video to 4k very often, but mostly just to get the best "original" viewing on youtube.

    But in my last video, I add (lots of)grain and sharpening in a 4k tga sequence which was upscaled from gh2 footage using Instant-HD. Of course it wasn't true 4k, but it is certainly on the same level sharpness-wise with those big guys.

    Here is a png still:

  • I must admit, this footage and the angles chosen/shots look great, although personally I wouldn't add that much grain in places, because of my tastes. Great to know what can be done with such a camera though. In future I will be considering this camera as an option. Interesting post :)

  • "Any upscale to such close values (like 1920 to 2048) needs complicated interpolation and is introducing softness and/or artefacts."
    I had some quite good results with this: Looks like it actually takes information from surrounding frames and adds them to the mix. Watched it as DCP on the big screen, looked very nice. Indeed the rendertimes could be less.

  • @nomad It seems that you confused things, friend. What I'm referring to is the process youtube makes use of when compressing to flash video.

  • If you do this upscaling, you will get better results with Premiere than Vegas if you enable the scaling function in CUDA. Instant HD works well, too.

  • cinfx, what patch was used???