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GH2 or waiting for K-01
  • Is it worth waiting for K-01 or would you buy a GH2 ( for now i do have only a GF1/20mm and 2 Pentax Primes/manual ones)? chrischtili

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  • If you don't have any camera, get a GH2 and hack it. If $$$ is a consideration, keep your GF1 or consider a used GH1 to use with your very high Q 20mm. If you want the best IQ, the GH3 probably will be a bump up. At this point, the K-01 is an unknown, but the hacked GH2 is better than the Sony 5N, which is rumored to have the same sensor. K-01 is unlikely to shoot at high bitrates. Another option is the Vixia HF G10, which is a great video camera, you can buy that and then get the GH3 when it comes out. Lots of cheap options.

  • Now, i bought the GF2. And i am very satisfied with the results, that the hacked GF2 delivers. Is it really worth - videowise - to buy a GH2?

  • Well, if you're satisfied, that's good, but there are a lot of advantages to the GH2, such as 24p, full manual control, 2.6x zoom, etc.

  • If you're currently satisfied, I'd say no. Your options a mere six months from now may be significantly better than they are today. If your GF2 serves your needs well for 18 months, you'll likely be jumping two generations of cameras, and thus probably making a truly massive leap in quality.

    On the other hand, if you need an extra camera, the a GH2 may be a good addition to your gear.

    As DrDave said, the k-01 is currently a complete unknown; as the owner of a half dozen manual focus pentax lenses, I really hope the k-01 is on the vanguard of a new Pentax push into cameras designed with video in mind. That said, there's no real evidence that Pentax has taken video users truly seriously; we know almost nothing about the codec implementation, the specifics of the manual control for video, or the nature of the HDMI output. If Pentax got these right, (the HDMI in particular) the K-01 could be the new darkhorse of the cheap video world. But until someone that has the gear and know-how to properly evaluate the camera has a go at it, you'd be hard pressed to make a recommendation on the hopes of Pentax fans.

    I bought a GH2 late last year (significantly cheaper than they are today), love the video quality, especially in black and white. I previously didn't have a camera capable of HD video recording. For me, the next step is increased dynamic range, which no current or immient hdslr offers.

  • It's probably worth asking the question, but what do you actually want to do with your potential new acquisition?

    If you're planning to make something that isn't just for yourself....I.e. documentary, short film, feature, TV, etc...then the GH2 is a sound investment.

  • Thx for your help and answers. Actually i do videos only on partys/holidays and for private purpose. So i will follow your advice and wait for the next genaration GH.

  • In that case, I'd say the higher bit rate patches are probably over kill with you. But definitely the hack is useful for opening up the manual controls and recording limits.

  • K-01 doesn't show audio levels on LCD. Focus peaking not active while recording HDMI is only for playback only.

    GH2 still the better camera