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GH2 color difference between preview while recording and playback
  • Hi,

    Before I press record the lcd shows different colors in comparison to the video I can watch after recording (after recording it looks a bit more green). I have tried nearly everything but without any good result.

    Is the reason that the DSP of the cam doesnt compute every pic manipulation effect to save energy and to protect the cam from overheating in non recording mode?

    any ideas to fix that? Or are patches for the hack available that will fix it?

    Thx in advance

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  • It is very good know thing discussed huge amount of times.

    It happens because before recoring start camera uses different sensor mode.

  • It might have something to do with the fact that the Gh2 sensor exposes twice as much for the green channel than it is for the red/blue channel.

    On another hand, firmware 1.1 reduces the green tinting quite substantially compare to 1.0E.

  • The strange thing is if you tilt the onboard lcd screen around, it will also affect the color of the HDMI output. Try it!

  • @veloci

    Gh2 sensor is no different from 99% of other CMOS bayer sensors. And your strange remark has no relation to color shift.

  • Thx for the feedback. That means the Sensor Mode in the non-recording state is more "lo-fi" in comparison to the Mode while recording? Thus it wouldn't make sense to record the signal in non-recording mode with external equipment because it would have lower quality in comparison to the files what I get in the recording state, right?

  • any ideas to fix that? Or are patches for the hack available that will fix it?

    Does the green tint you are talking about look like this video?

    I wish that there were any means to fix the problem within the camera. Post editing (color grading) seems to be one of realistic solutions to it right now.

    I wonder if "ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE (Adobe After Effects)" could sort it out.

  • @cj7 First of all I would like to have the same color in both modes. But that seems to be not possible. Grading of the material is always possible.

    I want to know if the non-recording mode has a lower quality generally. If it has no solution can be provided

    But if the non-recording mode has only different colors I would like to record this signal externally without using the cam recording.

  • Hello.

    I have the same thing. V1.1.

    The colors look natural in the LCD before pressing record. After pressing record its like the colors go vivid. I as well am trying to record what is in the viewer.

  • As Vitaly explained above, the sensor readout mode changes when you hit Record. The same phenomenon occurs when in stills mode (sometimes exacerbated by the mechanical shutter). Think of the live preview mode as of a lo-fi approximation view.

  • @Vitality_Kiselev Is there a known solution? Here is an example video I shot (using my 2nd GH2):