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T3i or 5Dmk2
  • Can't wait for new cameras anymore. Want Canon this time.

    50/50 Photo/video.

    T3i + Canon 100mm F2.8 L macro


    5Dmk2 + Canon 50mm 1.4

    About $2400 for either combo.

    I really want the macro L lens, damn hard to choose over 5dmk2 tho.

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  • I am really tired of you posting topics in wrong category each time.

  • So that's your recommendation?

  • Get the 5d. Bigger sensor, wider angles, an anti moire/aliasing filter that works, and there's also the ML hack.

  • @QuinEtiam

    Get the lens you like. Get cheap m43 camera and wait for upcoming new generation of Canon cameras :-)

  • I only shoot for micro-stock so film look etc. is not a priority. I would luv full-frame but damn, the 100m macro L red-tag lens is amazing.

    GH2 is great but just does not shoot good stills.

  • Then again go with the T3i 50 1.4 and Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro.

  • Please keep discussion on topic.

  • Please don't feel the trolls.

  • WTF is the problem?

    Just asking opinions about Cameras and lenses.

  • I would get the MkII for the body. You should be able to find them cheap used, I would rather get the 100/2.8IS II macro for the lens. If you can't afford it with the MkII, get the Nifty 50/1.8 since its only $99. (Rumor is a v2 of this lens coming) The 1.4 is good but you can save a bit since they're both not L glass. Save up for the 100L next.

  • Get the MK2 and the 50mm 1.8.


  • Gh2 shoots good enough stills. Especially if you got some skills in post.

  • Get a secondhand GH2 body, and some manual nikon glass. Too many new cameras coming, and the GH2 knocks spots off the current canons for video. Whatever body you upgrade to after this, you can still use the nikon glass on just about anything. I made this mistake and am stuck with a load of (very nice) canon glass I can't really use on anything else.

  • @QuinEtiam "GH2 is great but just does not shoot good stills."

    It does with the right lensing. Any EOS, Nikon, or Lieca lens looks great on the GH2. The Lumix brand... not so much. I love the size, and weight of the Panny glass... but the look just isn't there, IMO.

    This might be one of the most obvious, yet overlooked, reason the GH2 gets a bad rap for stills...

  • If video is not a concern, buy the MK2 and the 50mm 1.8

  • At long last, after four years, the Canon 5D Mark II has finally been discontinued.

  • Get a 6d, have had it less than 24hrs and I'm in love. I also got a t4i (which is basically a t3i) and it's garbage. It's being sent back tomorrow for multiple reasons. On the 6d, they advertise low noise, but should advertise "NO NOISE" unless you are a pixel peeper and blow it up 400%.

    The MKII is pretty cheap now and I'm sure it will be even cheaper after New Years. It is getting old but it has proven itself and us still highly used. I would say not too many pro photographers shoot with a rebel, but every mom at Disney land is.

  • Not very familiar with 5Dmk2, but we filmed 2 videos using a Canon t3i with Magic Lantern firmware and were able to get some stunning results!

    The first video was filmed in the souk of Beirut:

    The second is a stop-motion shot at night with at least 4 seconds of open exposure and heavy laser play:

    Recently experimenting with the Panasonic Lumix GH2 and the Driftwood Patches as well as FlowMotion 2.2

  • If you insist on canon, then 6d is your best choice. Similar performance as 5dmk3 but cheaper. My brother's shooting with one and it's great camera for stills. However my gh2 beats it with video quality. As was said gh2 isn't bad for stills but not with kit zooms. I use panaleica 25mm/f1.4 and Sigma 60mm/f2.8 and results are far better than quot Panasonic kit zooms.

  • Terrible aliasing on the 6D. Have you tried the stills on the GH4? This camera takes a lovely photo IMHO

  • Yea, aliasing is more noticeable, but still very good stills from it comparing to T4i. I see GH4 is heavily upgraded in most ways but is out of my budget for now. GH2 still rocks in 1080p and stills are very pleasant with some post done.