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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • @driftwood

    Teaser for a friend's channel, shot with Quantum v6 Beta (excluding onboard cam). 720p50 at 1/100. Thanks for another great patch!

  • Has anyone mentioned the GH2's problem of hard-clipping whites at 100 IRE as opposed to AF100/GH1 that do record superwhites? Is it possible to make GH2's codec recognize superwhites via hack?

  • Has anyone had problems with video cutting out early? I'm out filming some snowboarding at Northstar in Tahoe, and all of my clips have been cutting out what seems like 2-3 seconds before I had hit the record stop button while filming.

  • Its a feature.. not a bug. To prevent the shaking when reaching the knob. Its only 1 sec i believe, but quite disturbing if you are used to save tape..

  • Is there any possible way to disable it, or is there a hack that does not have this "feature". It is very frustrating for me.

    I often stop and then start recording again right away, and this makes it very frustrating. I've had some great shots ruined because of it. I can deal with shaking.

  • "Is there any possible way to disable it, or is there a hack that does not have this "feature"."

    Not that I know. In the beginning I was also always wondering.. like: How could it be that I pressed stop that early?? Then I finally red the manual. But once you know it you get used to it. Just count to 3 in the moment when you want to press stop before you do it. If you wanted to start recording right away.. well.. just don´t stop. ;) Maybe this could be fixed, but I believe it will be very low priority.

  • This does sound like something that should be feasible with a firmware hack. I often get annoyed by this feature as well. If it can be done it would be a nice thing to have in one of the next versions of ptool.

  • Would like to store encoder hacks on camera.

    IE: Store the variables on camera, and be able to change within camera, instead of changing firmware a lot. Since it's just a few variables, you should have memory to do that right?

    Or even storing multiple profiles on the cam, to quickly change between them, or even a function for reading said profiles from the ini files, if we keep them on the sd card.

  • @zigizigi, If I would be able to tweak the firmware that would be my top priority. The HDMI out allows SuperWhytes. Tested on my NANO.

  • how did you test this @Rafa? can be interesting

  • @kanintesova, In any NLE with a Waveform you will see that the highlights get abruptly cut at 100%. Yesterday I recorded the HDMI on my NANO and compared with the same pictures recorded in camera. The in-camera clips where clipped at 100% while the NANO clips clipped at 110%. There are tons of detail waisted here. I'll rather work with a good codec keeping those highlights than with a super codec losing the highlights. Even if you need to make your clips Broadcast Safe (100%) you can keep a lot of that detail by color correction.

  • @Rafa, that's a really interesting discovery. Did you verify that the 100% level of the the camera recordings actually corresponds to the 100% level of the HDMI recordings, and that the HDMI recordings contain superwhite information that was clipped in the camera recordings? Or is it simply a difference in color mapping, i.e. that 100% in the camera recordings corresponds to 110% on the HDMI output? (or maybe the Nano is remapping colors)

  • You can also recover range in premiere pro by setting the sequence to Maximum bit depth and render quality. After you do that, open a reference monitor, add a proc amp and bring down the gain. You will reduce clipping some but I am not sure if your technique may be recovering mor.

  • Guys, please use other topic for this discussion.

  • I know this is probably really annoying and has been asked before but now that it's been a while since the 1.1 patch has been out what is the progress on hacking it? I know you must be working hard and it's very easy for us to demand the patch now but I'm just incredibly curious as to any discoveries you have found and what the timeframe is for when the new ptool will be ready.

  • Quantum v9 patch. 1080i, converted to 1080p 50fps

    first part original. second part 50p slowed down to 25p last part with twixtor, and magic bullet filter.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    I did some MJPEG testing, 1080p and 3840x2160 (2fps folks, don't get excited).

    I extracted YUV to separate b&w components... Y is identical on both, but U and V look both much more smooth and better detailed.

    I would suggest that chroma sub-sampling is perhaps occuring in the chain -after- where ever it is that you're changing the size variables in the firmware.

  • I finished porting of most hacks for GH2 v1.11 and GF2.

    But some work remains for complex AVCHD patches. And some PTool changes for new and changed patches.

  • @Vitaliy In what time could you finish completely this patch? Thank you Vitaliy for your great work. At the beginning of Februarý I will make a new donation for this great project.

  • 2012 will be a wonderful year. Thank you so much Vitaliy !

  • Due to many other (not this project realted) stuff I need to do, most probably, new PTool will be available on first week of February.

  • Awesome news V!

    Keep up the great work, (on his and other projects!)

  • Thank you ever so much! A great thank you to to Vitaliy, Driftwood, LPowell and all others that make filming with the GH2 such a pleasure for the rest of us silent users. Time to donate again

  • brilliant news, thanks Vitally and the rest of the folk working on this, and agreed its time to donate

  • Is it possible to hack the shutter speeds below 1/25th for Panasonic lenses? Curiously, these Shutter speeds (down to 1/2 second) are only available when using a lens without electrical contacts.