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Exporting for Vimeo
  • Having some troubles with my exporting... its not coming out as sharp... im using compressor and exporting it out as h.264 at 5mbs and 1080p

    iv seen some nice quality exports on here... anyone have any advice? thanks

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  • Since getting better broadband I've been able to experiment and it appears Vimeo has very recently been more relaxed about what bitrates you can use. I even tried 25mbps CBR (constant bitrate) and it accepted that. So the only advice I can give is to experiment by exporting a short clip (say 5 seconds) of video and play with the encoding settings to see what you can get away with.

  • Just a tip....

    Really liked the first few frames.

    Then, to have this mysterious girl in red wave at the camera totally ruins mystery proved by the first frame and the music.

    Then, she is mouthing something in the car, it doesn't seem right.

    The B/W images are more implicit, less explicit - more like it!!

    It gets better...

    Hands on the steering wheel... Less is more.

    I think the B/W works great, especially the shadows and waves later on.

    For Vimeo uploading try sticking to H.264 but using a VBR of minimum 24Mbit and maximum 44Mbit.

  • When you make the Quicktime change the 'key frames" to half the frame rate ...for 24p choose 12. This will double the key frame information for the compression....thus improving the overall quality..Also I always do 6500kbps even though Vimeo says to only use 5000.

  • 5 mbps is probably too slow for most 1080p video. I would consider 10 to 15 mbps at a minimum, and higher depending on your needs. The indoor black and white images appear to have been shot at a high ISO, showing image noise, not compression artifacts. Noisy images compress worse too, of course.

  • i almost always upload in mp4 xd-cam in 18.5 or 35mb (with sony vegas pro 10)

  • Try encoding with x264 (using CRF mode) via MPEG streamclip. Load the library preset "very slow", set x264 tune to "grain", set native fps of the clip, force CRF (you have to set a value, anything between 20-23 looks great for 1080p, don't go lower (higher quality) than 18, it's pointless). For example I've encoded this clip @ crf23, in this case 9.52 Mbps. h**p://

  • Recently I used compressor to make a bluray compression. Just exported it to my drive not a bluray disc. Found the h264 in the folder structure and uploaded that to Vimeo. Worked like a charm. Could probably just figure out the compression for bluray and make a new template but this was easier. TRT was about 5 mins and I think the file came out to about 2gb. Maybe less.

  • @RBertoni Is there anything else I should know about your x264 settings? I'm not having much success: the image will look great but random splotches and block of mixed up footage appears from time to time (if that makes sense). For instance, in the MPEG Streamclip Movie Exporter window, do I put the quality at 100%? Select Multipass or B-Frames? Limit Data Rate? When I load the settings you suggest in the x264 options, do I select "Keep most of Behavior/Tagging parameters?" Does anything under flags or values need to be changed? I assume to change Native fps to whatever I shot it on, but under Behavior after I select "Force crf on CRF mode" do I keep "Force qmin on ABR/CRF mode" checked? At qmin 4? Anything else you can tell me would be much appreciated.

  • Here are settings for x264 to force consistently high quality: qp=20:ipratio=1:pbratio=1

  • I read in an other topic a guidline how to set up handbrake for vimeo / yt conversion. I tried it an it works great. it sems that your clip doesn't go through vimeo's compression again. 20sec ProRes HQ 1080 with 450 MB goes down to 11MB H264 720. It has still 10MB on vimeo. I see no difference of vimeo playback and desktop playback with VLC.

  • I did some experimentation about a year ago.

    With one particular video 1920x1080 clip, I found that no matter what size (amount of compression) file I uploaded .. 300M, 1Gig or 1.5G, Vimeo always produced a 600M file.

    I deduced that vimeo uncompresses what ever you upload and recompresses. I thought well the more detail I give it the better chance it's compression mechanism has.

    By eye, I deduced the point of diminishing return to be 17Mbs for 1080. I upload at 17 for both 1920 and 720

    It works for me

  • Hi @RBertoni - I second what digger is saying, and I'm interested in knowing the procedure you use for x264 as well.

    Also, does anyone know if it's advisable to use x264 through Encoder?

  • I can tell you FCP's H.264 export looks way sharper than every one I've tried on Compressor while using the same settings. That's the case for me at least.

    So for now, I export a lossless version (animation codec) from After Effects and use FCP7 to create versions for web and etc. I'm sure there's a better way.