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GH2 showing fixed darker band/stripe 20 pixels high across footage
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  • I checked the topic above and switching to iso 640 from 800 or 1250 from any higher or in any combination did not resolve the issue if "THE LINE", i also checked every movie mode( cinema, standart, smooth........) nothing changed, "The LINE" is still there. the next test i shot in all of the frame modes, they all had the line, except 1 thing i noticed that when i shot 1080i and 720 60i on shutter 1/60 "THE LINE" wasn't there, as soon as i switched to 1/50 or 1/80 or other speeds, "THE LINE" showed up again :( Than i went on to a more desperate test and shot footage with every function available in the menues "ON" and "OFF"............nothing helped to resolve the issue. My conclusion is that "THE LINE" is there to stay and i just have to learn to live with it, at least for now until GH3 or RED SCARLET comes out :)

  • So it looks like the camera has some technical limitations and Panny optimized it for 1080i60 @ 1/60th – which might make sense for some markets. Looks like we have to live with it.

    BTW, the Scarlet-X is out ;-)

  • Well the same issue exists on 1080i60 at 1/120 and 1/100 when using 1080i50 - it's just more of a problem when using 24p and 25p. Annoyingly.

  • I did a short test.
    and yes now i have seen it, i see it every time. :(
    if there is a light source on the left or right site off the lens.
    When i move the gh2 up and down, the horizontal band go's also up and down.
    Sometimes its just one line, other times it are two or even more small horizontal lines

  • @mozes I think that may not be the issue - those lines are sometimes just caused by the light source itself. This issue is a fixed band that doesn't change location when run at 1/50 shutter speed and 24p/25p. You're probably seeing that as well though. But the other lines aren't related.

  • So.... BAD NEWS EVERYBODY!!!! I was just talking to Panasonic UK Support Team and I was told that they are aware of that line but it is NOT classified as a fault!!!! It's classified as one of characteristics of the camera!!!! WHAT?!?!?!? Has anyone of you GH2 owners out there been advised about such a characteristic of the camera at the time of purchase? I know high ISO digital noise is a characteristic. But some HORRIBLE horizontal line across the screen?!?!?!?!.... Now I would like to ask everyone with GH2 to check their cameras in low light using ISO 3200 (push it to the limit until you start seeing that bloody line) and let me know how you feel about that 'characteristic'. THEY HAVE ALSO CONFIRMED THAT ALL G2 AND GH2 CAMERAS HAVE SUCH A CHARACTERISTIC!!!! So you're not alone out there. So let's do something about it and teach Panasonic a lesson. Do not let them turn their own fault into characteristic!!!! EU Consumer Legislation states that the goods you bought must be fit for the purpose it was bought for. And in this case you have no rights if you were aware of the defect before you bought it. Well, I haven't been advised of such a characteristic of the camera. Have you? And Panasonic says that no firmware update will fix that 'characteristic'. Do they really expect us to live with that?

  • jey man, i hear your pain and unfortunately im in the same boat :( for now im just learning to live with that and work my way around it, learning new tricks, such as: if you shoot 24p with high iso, set your shutter on 1/40 or even 1/30 and in your picture profile set sharpness on 0 or +2 that way you will compensate in sharpness of the image shot at 1/40, and "THE LINE" moves all the way down at 1/40 and could be cropped out of the image, and of course at 1/30 its completely gone. Hope it helps to ease your day a little bit :)

  • Guys, I've been into this also. It's like the classic; "if you know what to look for it is there". I think we can't fight panasonic with this. They never promised something like interference-free picture? Doesn't say so in the manual. It sucks, but it is like force majure in legal documents. :( They WILL get around it legally. The ONE way to go is if a majority of people bring this up. On blogs or wherever.

    It could hurt reputation and it might be an impact on sales. I doubt it, cus this is low end consumer camera (although capable of wonders). So most people won't give a shit, or most ppl won't notice. It's just pixel-peeping.

    I don't know what to do. If you have the camera - work around it??? maybe. Or address it to panasonic/lumix!!!

    They ought to know about it. But if there are no flaws and everythin is perfect...????? - There goes the software developers, there goes the engineers, there goes the technichians , there goes the sales rep. Ha ha ha. It's their livelyhood. Business is: Why fixs problems straight away? Cynic? maybe? Just buy the new "IMPROVED" stuff (but they knew about the flaws - it's a known flaw - they will fix it in near future ha ha ha)

    Imagine people at the engineer side; "fuck, we know this is kind of a problem but let's wait it still works, let the sales rep take the shit... of course we know how to fix this but we need to keep our jobs,lets postpone - we have families to feed") HA A HAHA humans

  • @alexpj19 thanks for your help but I'm still fuming over this. It's like buying a new car (disregard the price difference) and finding out that the 2nd gear doesn't work. And the manufacturer states that the car was built that way, and not working 2nd gear is the car's characteristic. Furthermore they tell you there is no way to fix it. But hey, there's a workaround - from the 1st gear you can simply shift to the 3rd and you'll be fine.... :) Well, you get the idea. And I will not calm down until I am sure that GH2 sales has dropped to 0. Unless Panasonic readdresses this issue ;) Thanks again.

    @kanintesova I can assure you Panasonic is aware of the LINE issue. They have confirmed it over the phone today. I will get onto EU Consumer Center in a next couple of days and will find out if Pany can get around it legally. My main point is that the camera is not fit for it's purpose and such a 'characteristic' (as they say) is nowhere mentioned in the User Manual. I believe if it's a characteristic - it should be described somewhere. I might be wrong. But I will find that out.

  • @benzopilas You want to sell yours? How much do you want for it?

  • @benzopilas: I like guys like you: Take the fight :) But what I meant is: they never promised that the recording was to be perfect. We all take it as it should be a nice image. But that image could be with noise, it could be however. Where did they say this could never happen and this is the way an image should be represented?

    Just my five cents. There is always a way to circumvent stuff. Especially legally - what was the deal? And since it is not proffesional gear. People in the business won't necessarily give it bad "rep". As other PRO gear would have been discussed and abandoned - but if it were PRO gear, it would cost lots more and less people (crowd) would know about it faults but when they start talking... Then PANA would listen faster to demands... Cuz the PRO's have money and (also have contacts and new customers for hi end gear)... ;)

    It still sucks though!

    It's weird mathematics but f**K

    Yep, I'm drunk. From the Vodka belt!!!

    Vitaliy! Cheers from Sweden!!!

    thinking about canon or PANA for so long but this camera is much more fun! It has it quirks (like evereyone). but the new territory in image and all the lenses it si FUN and interesting. Canon just looks like Canon!


  • Just because we are amateurs and with a small budget doesn't mean they don't have to listen to us if we buy their product. But they WILL NOT if we WILL NOT speak! OK, enough of whining. I will post once I get more information whether it is possible or not to get Panasonic to do something about this LINE.

  • Kudos! All the best!

  • WHAT? It's classified as one of characteristics of the camera? OK, why not come out with another model with the line in the upper third. Idiots could start flame wars about which one is nicer then…

    This is a technical fault, just as much as the vertical line in early JVC HD camcorders.

    But as long as the GH2 (with the hack) is by far the best in it's price range, we'll have to live with it or buy higher.

  • Yeah I do think that is the bottom line. I'm loving my GH2 more by the day and I haven't used it that much yet or produced my first video. I'm ready to go full force with it but the only nagging doubt is whether this 'characteristic' looks worse on mine than it does on some other's.. If it doesn't I can relax and work around it, if not I need to act before my 30 days is up to try a new one.. Ah decisions. ;)

    Damn great cam though. Only using 1.1 at the moment but 25p HBR looks fantastic..

  • "THE LINE" is NOT a characteristic, are they out of their mind?????? Noise on in low light and high iso , yes it is characteristic, but when you have an image that even with the noise is still acceptable and there is a fucking half inch line running across your footage almost in the middle of it...... i call it a manufacture defected camera bull shit.

  • @JamesAllenVisual

    I think it is worse on some cameras than on others. I'm uploading a video now comparing the replacement (WE1J) I got with the original (WE1S). I won't make any comments yet, but it seems to me the severity of the line varies between the two cameras. I still have both so I might do more tests to decide.

  • Here are the videos:


    Lens: Voitgländer 25mm

    iso: 12800

    wb: 4000

    film mode: nostalgic -2

    quality: 24L

    Hack: Quantum v9beta update

  • Thanks man for posting this, thats a great example of the problem im having

  • Interesting how it makes finer and smaller jumps as the SS goes up... But why is it not visible in 1080i mode? Weird indeed.

  • Nice one @shaun - great test. Anymore you can do would be awesome. I am wondering if mine show's the problem more than other's as I see it alot. I do quite a bit of outdoor shooting as night draws in though there is normally still decent street lighting and it shows up regularly - very clear. I will decide tomorrow if I'm going to return mine for a replacement. If Amazon send out a brand new one immediately like they often do it's probably a no brainer.

  • Ok guys, I've finally put together a video showing my experience with this 'feature':

    Obviously best viewing in 1080p where possible. Also it shows up a lot worse in the source videos. YouTube compression seems to hide it more :)

    Indoor parts shot with 14-140mm Panny lens - outdoor bits with the 20mm pancake. Auto ISO.

    Let me know what you think in terms of how bad you think my GH2 show's the line.

  • i have it to, but no way it is like your video shows James. i will try to make a clip, so others can see the differences...

  • Would you say mine is a lot worse @mozes ? I'd definitely like to see your test's - thanks in advance.