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NAMM 2012
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  • @fetzu

    I know. By I tried to ignore things that won't be very interesting for our members.

  • I'm also a fan of arrangers,That BK-5 looks good, I'm personally looking to upgrade out of the korg pa800 arranger that i have had for a few years now (great concept, but korg went cheap with keys and make, and limited it (ram,sfx) with the internal os), the newer pa3x is on my top list of arrangers (basically its pa800 with out all the wrongs).

  • I think it greatly depends on the actual implementation. No one knows BK-5 styles and patches. For example, in BK-7m you have two good SuperNATURAL solo voices, and absolutely different solo voices in SD-50 module. Also you can't edit so much parameters as in Korg or Tyros. As I know Tyros 4 is currently top arranger.

  • Yes the Tyros 4 is great,the only drawback for me is the implementation of the pitch wheel rather than a pitch bender on the Korg products

  • image image

    • Universal Docking Station for APPLE iPAD and iPAD2
    • Connect your microphones, instruments and audio sources to virtually any audio/MIDI app with the iSTUDIO
    • Core Audio/MIDI compatible for use with any iOS App
    • Versatile I/O functionality with adjustable headphone output and direct monitoring control
    • Separate Video output for connecting your iPAD to TVs and projectors
    • Standard MIDI I/O plus USB-to-host connectors for ultimate MIDI connectivity
    • iPAD powering and battery charging via the iSTUDIO dock

    800 x 498 - 66K
    800 x 274 - 27K
  • Link to Roland BK-5 user manual

    This guys did well, but removed all Supernatural voices.

  • More Casio synths videos:

  • First interview of the show - industry icon Teddy Riley talks about how someone new to music technology can get started and about getting a good vocal recording. Recorded with a GH2 and an onboard mic.

    The glitch at 8:30 is a VirtualDub splicing re-compression error, not in the original file.

  • Line 6 StageScape M20d video

  • Zoom G5


    • Tube Booster for up to 16dB of amp overdrive
    • 3D Z-pedal for multi-dimensional parameter control
    • Four large LCD displays with intuitive amp and stompbox interface
    • Over 100 stompbox presets and 20 amp models
    • Simultaneous use of up to nine effects
    • Over 120 built-in ZFX-IV DSP effects
    • Create and store up to 297 (99 banks x 3 patches) original tones
    • Looper function with 60 seconds of phrase recording and overdubbing
    • Integrated drum machine and auto-chromatic tuner
    • USB audio interface for DAW recording
    • Balanced XLR output and selectable modes for DI use
    • Powered via AC adaptor (included)
    • Includes Edit&Share and Steinberg Cubase LE recording software

    575 x 458 - 42K
  • Here's a mic tip, I went through about $70k trying to get the ultimate attributes in micing. It turned out that Bob Heil had the perfect solution and I didn't even need to pay $4k (like the Shure costs) or some other outrageous amount for it. It's the Heil PR-40 which is a Dynamic Voice mic for like $300 at most places (MSRP $375). And in case the name Bob Heil is ringing a bell he was the sound engineer for The Grateful Dead for about 30 or their most productive years - and many high profile gigs after that as well.



    • Absolute most natural voice response for talk show hosts, voice over applications

    • Large low-mass aluminum voice coil

    • Properly positioned hum bucking coil and heavy steel case insure maximum shielding

    • Four rear ports exhibit excellent rear rejection and minimum proximity effect

    • Widest frequency response

    • Best kick drum microphone ever

    • Assembled and tested in Illinois



    536 x 214 - 69K
    242 x 233 - 34K
    500 x 333 - 83K
    961 x 583 - 258K
  • Just got home - here's the footage recorded today. I'll try to get as much up as I can before bed.

    • Product demos from Casio and Garritan.
    • Product interviews and discussions from Universal Audio (Apollo) and MOTU (Digital Perfomer 8).
    • Deep discussion with SoundIron about everything from using digital recorders in the field to their approach to instrument design.
    • An EXCLUSIVE product announcement from SoundIron. You can't find it on their Twitter, their website or even on the general show floor. Google isn't showing it anywhere else yet, so check out the coverage from here at!

    Note: The process would be going quicker except that all the files have to be converted before uploading to a lower bitrate because the data cap for each week is only 5GB on a Vimeo Plus account and the original video data for each day is 30-48GB.

  • Casio XW-P1 Demonstration

  • Soundiron Exclusive! (Up soon)

  • Garritan Instant Orchestra Demonstration (with a discussion of how the product relates to Garritan Personal Orchestra and pricing)

  • @thepalalias

    Thanks. If not the sound it could be really good.


    Guys, remember to donate, add "NAMM" to comments and he'll get all your donations.

  • Universal Audio (Apollo Overview)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yeah, I really wish the Rode VMP mount hadn't broken so close to the show. Tomorrow I'll see if there's anything I can do before the show.

  • MOTU

    (Audio was really an issue on this recording, more so than the others, but he really talks about things that matter to film scoring and film audio, so I may just have to sub-title it later on).

  • Behringer DP60 piano ($599)

    In fact it seems it is, in fact, Medeli DP60



    Vienna Instruments now supports 7.1 surround, just recently released. If you can find a link to video, feel free to add.

    New Features in Vienna Ensemble PRO 5: •Total integration of Vienna MIR PRO •Full ITU surround support •Full plug-in latency compensation •Touch parameter automation •New post-effect plug-in rack •New audio input plug-in •Up to 48 MIDI input ports for ALL plugin standards (including AU & VST)

    Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 is a cross-platform MIDI and audio LAN solution that works universally on Macs and PCs, hosting Vienna Instruments as well as third-party 64-bit and 32-bit VSTi/AU plug-ins. Use it as a host on the same computer as your sequencer to integrate all your 64-bit and 32-bit instruments and effect plug-ins from third-party manufacturers (such as Spectrasonics, Native Instruments, Waves, you name it), or use it as a master-slave solution with multiple Macs and PCs, all connected with a standard Ethernet cable. You can easily route the audio streams of a whole arsenal of computers back to your main machine without the need of external hardware. The Preserve function keeps all of your templates and samples loaded while switching from one project to another. As a Pro Tools user you may integrate your favorite AU and VST plug-ins in your sessions!

    Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 offers ITU surround support (up to 7.1) and full parameter automation. Control all plug-ins running on slave computers right from your master and even start/stop your sequencer or DAW with the space bar from within Vienna Ensemble PRO 5!

    Vienna MIR PRO – our Multi Impulse Response mixing and reverberation software – is automatically installed with Vienna Ensemble PRO 5. If a license (demo or permanent) for Vienna MIR PRO is available, a single click on the corresponding button opens the application within Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 and routes the channel’s signal directly to the Vienna MIR PRO application.

    Please find a detailed overview of all the key features and versions in the “Compare Products” menu and don’t miss the new Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 videos!

    Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 comes with Epic Orchestra, a 9 GB free Grand Orchestra Sample Pack. You will receive 3 licenses for Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 (and 1 license for the included Epic Orchestra) so you can set up a network of up to 4 computers (one master and 3 slaves, provided there's no Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 Server or a stand-alone version of Vienna Ensemble PRO 5 running on your master computer). The Epic Orchestra sample pack is identical in both Vienna Ensemble PRO 4 and 5 versions, so you don’t need to receive another Epic Orchestra license when you upgrade.