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Highlight Recording and Frame Guide Options?
  • So these two things are actually decently useful. Curious if they're able to be modified at all?

    Highlight Recording: what's it set to spot? Above 80~85? 75? That'd be interesting to know. And, can you set it to something higher or lower? it'd be good to have depending on your "film mode", I think . Operating like old school DVX/HVX Zebras.

    Frame Guide: Any way to add more? Say two more so that you could setup a 4:3 look around? Or have two horizontal ones so that you could setup a 2.35/2.40 loook around?

    I did a search, didn't seem to be covered. Any info or discussion would be swell.

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  • Zebras definitely useful. But correct me if I am wrong. It is sRGB space already? (nearly REC.709) 16-235? Or am I wrong? It clips at 235 then? Hard cut. So highlight black flashing blocks would be 236 as is maybe? But you think of finer increments in this, before clipping?

    Frame guide would be really good. Maybe just make two horizontal lines of off the crosshair function. It would suffice. Black letterbox would be even better. Maybe harder though.

    What if we can make the lines wider - pixel wise? Make them horisontal. White big letterbox bars? Maybe turn them black? They seem to operate as an overlay to the other on screen meny items. But maybe this can be solved? Just an idea.

    I might be wrong on this. If the guidelines are underneath the info panels - even better. :)

  • @kholi I believe highlight flashing happens when it there is clipping--but you should run some tests to find out.

    Frame guides would be useful and I'd love them! I believe this has been brought up several months ago to @Vitality_Kiselev but it was either not feasible or not a priority. I don't remember. There are other work arounds obviously (like a monitor that displays frame lines or just using tape)--but really, it'd be nice to have it in cam. +3

  • "Highlight Recording: what's it set to spot? Above 80~85? 75"

    It's more like 100 IRE. whatever is flashing means it has no detail. I remember Barry Green confirmed this a while ago. So there's isn't much use in changing it to higher or lower. However, I just got a lightbulb moment, don't know if it's possible ofcourse: if it is possible to change the IRE value of highlights, how cool would it be to duplicate the zebra and then set it to an IRE of 0 where shadows lose detail, so that way you'd have an indication for clipped highlights and another indication for whatever is below 0 IRE, perfect exposure tool:) probably dreaming ofcourse.

    about aspect ratio marks. I remember it was on the hack wishlist, so I'm also curious if it's been left due to other priorities or if it's actually tricky to implement. Oh well, it's tape on the screen till then.

  • Thanks guys. That helps a lot then. Maybe it's a matter of what @Stefanos said, if it's at all possible. Have some options.


    Sorry about that, I searched but didn't find any keywords that involved it. Thanks for the heads up.

    I need to see if my TVlogic 5.6 has the crop option, that'll probably just solve everything, but it's good to know that highlight rec basically means kiss that blinking area goodbye. Was hard to judge when I got back to a monitor, seeing as how the shirt on this guy was white anyway.

  • I think both are possible.

    But we are not here yet.