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GH2 Hacked 150mbits music video!!!!!
  • I tried to put this whole hack thingy to the real test so shot a music video using the GH2 hack 150mbits. Let me know what you think...

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  • best played at 1080p HD... no 360p

  • Incredibly great. I have seen a lot of GH2 Videos. In the aspect of resolution, camerawork and filming, this is one of the best.

    Will be great to know wich hack you used. And lenses also.

  • Really nicely done. Great editing, for example in the sequence from 0.40 to 0.53 - I love the way you've put quite similar shot sizes next to each other in this particular sequence and how the movement and the edits in these shots all work to build a sense of connection between the images. Also the times when the "remembered" sequences go from moving colour shots to mono / still - fab idea. My only niggle was how horizontally level the camera was at various points (eg at 2.06) - I noticed these points particularly where they included water, emphasised by the long horizontal elements and the cropping.

    I'm not a grading expert but for me the colours and levels were really fantastic and worked perfectly in their contexts. Thank you for sharing, and I love it when you see a video like this which really promotes what an artist is saying.

  • great job Madmax !

  • @Gerald Thanks Gerald! My friend Gary Hanna ( sent me the actual file for me to install on my SD card and upload to the camera. There was no specific type/name of hack. He just told me 150mbits. I used Zeiss ZF lenses (20, 35, 50, 85) and Nikon 135mm. you can check out my rig at (bottom of page).

    @Mark_the_Harp Thank you for the comments Mark_the_Harp :) Glad you like the smoothness/flow of it as well. It's funny you pointed out 0.40 to 0.53. Her looking out the window was the hardest shot to accomplish since it was all fake. We basically shoot that window scene at midnight in the middle of the bedroom through a glass table. With all the "remembered" scenes, I didn't want to make it all sepia or black & white like what we used to seeing. I knew something else could work but just couldn't pin point something out until after 3 days of pondering. I'm assuming you talking about the how the frame was horizontally off balanced. I agree and wish it wasn't. But I think the combination of fighting with time and trying to get as much of the water in the shot without falling over l got lost somewhere lol. Love coloring.. I'm not an expert either but i'm currently studying coloring heavily since I feel it will be extremely important for filmmakers to get into since more cameras are starting to go raw now and the future.

    Thanks Gabilourson and hope to have more videos coming soon :)

  • Very nice madmax, any chance I can get copy of file?

  • I wish.. but client won't let me... I really wanted to put in on vimeo rather then youtube but can't.

  • I LOVED it! One of the best Music Videos i've seen from the user community. It's got a great flow to the action. Artistically on point as well. The image quality is unreal. I would never guess that you shot that on a DSLR. I was impressed cuz I wasn't focusing on the technical but was drawn in by the story. That's always a true test in my book. If nothing jumps out at you and distracts you then you've done a great job.

  • @Aria - Thank you for those kind words. I'm still in shock on what this camera can do when hacked. I'm very pleased that the story grasped you during your technical observation. I hope to always accomplish that in the future.

  • Me too LOVED it! Very well done!